Cast Iron VS smooth top ranges

jasdipFebruary 2, 2012

Is it true that cast-iron shouldn't be used on the ceramic, smooth-top ranges?? Even enamelled cast? (Le Creuset etc)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well it can be used but you have to be very careful because if it like boils dry or gets too hot it can fuse the pot to the ceramic glass top and of course that would destroy the cooktop. The enamel coating is the reason.

I do use some on mine and I just recently bought one of Paula Deens big Dutch Oven pots and a big stock pot which both have an enameled coating on them but are not cast iron. There was a warning inside the box about using them on the glass top. I never thought of it when I bought them or I would have picked something else.

I don't know about just straight cast iron I use mine.

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I have a couple cast iron fry pans, my book says do not use them. My stove must be about 7 or 8 years old now, and I have used them the past couple years, but its rare I do and I am very,very careful.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just looked on the Lodge website that is who makes the cast iron that I have and this is what they say there.

Can Lodge products be used with a variety of heat sources?
Lodge products may be used on various heat sources including gas, electric, induction and ceramic/glass top stoves and ovens. Seasoned cast iron can also be used on the grill or for camp cooking. Do not to drop cookware on the stovetop or slide across the surface. Begin heating cookware on low and slowly bring heat up to medium or medium/high. Always remove cookware from the stovetop after cooking. We recommend that you refer to your stove/range manufacturer�s owner manual for more information regarding ceramic/glass top stovetop requirements.

and of course if you drop that heavy pot on the glass it can surely break.

It is also very important not to drag it across the glass but lift it or it can scar the glass, You can buy these heat diffuser pads that go on the burner between the pot and the burner which helps with that type of pot, I need a couple to use with my new pots. The Paula Deen pots have that enamel coating all on the bottom too which is what worries me.

They also advise not using pans that have the ridges or grooves on the bottom they can scratch the glass. I have a griddle or grill pan that has those grooves in the metal bottom, I have used it but not often and I never scoot it.

I also saw this mentioned:

Cleaning Dangers

One way to dry freshly-washed cast iron skillets is to do so on a heated stove surface. Drying a cast iron skillet on the glass top too long might causing the stove top to crack, so never walk away from a cast iron skillet drying on a glass stove top.

I will never have another one of these glass top stoves, it was brand new in this house, and I want to replace it with a nice gas one when I re-do my kitchen.

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I use cast iron on mine, but very, very carefully. I would never drag it across the smooth top, and I set it down gently. It doesn't discourage me from using it, though.

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I have some very old cast iron skillets that I use all the time on my glass top stove. The stove is about 5 years old and no problems. For awhile I used the teflon coated things but finally went back to cast iron. They are wonderful in my opinion.

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I absolutely love cast iron cookware, and that kept me from buying a new stove for a long time. I recently got a new Whirlpool Gold ceramic cooktop. I was told that the newer stoves are ceramic, rather than glass, and using cast iron cookware is not a problem (of course, you don't drop the pan or slide it). In fact, the manual on my stove says cast iron is OK.

I almost got an induction cooktop because I heard that cast iron is OK for them--but then I learned that you can only use new cast iron on them (the old cast iron is not magnetized). Since most of my cast iron is old (some is older than I am!), that ruled out induction for me.

I love my new cooktop! After years of cleaning that d*mn JennAir with the downdraft, this is heavenly. And there are no knobs (just the touchpad), so it's really easy to clean.

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For 8 years I put up with and disliked the ceramic cook top stove that came with the kitchen here at the retirement community.

I disliked it for all the reasons mentioned above.

Recently my DGS and his DW bought a house which had an older electric stove with the coil elements and drip pans. When I saw it I told her I would like to have it instead of what I have. A few days later we swapped stoves!

With the ceramic top and all the can'ts and don'ts, I said I did not want a stove I had to baby sit.

We are both happy.


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Wow. I've had my ceramic stove for over 15 years and never had a problem cleaning it, using cast iron on it or anything else.

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I have a brand new (well, a year old now, LOL) induction cooktop. Hideously expensive, but had always been DH's dream cooktop. I use cast iron, mostly not enameled, nearly every day. I don't drag it - but I've never dragged my cookware anyway!

So go for it.

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I've used cast iron on mine, but very carefully and not often. I'm not crazy about the ceramic top, but I'm the one who chose it so it's my bad! Don't shake any pot or pan on that type surface. That means no stove top old type popcorn where you vigorously shake the pan.

Do you have one now? It takes some time to get used to. With mine, I seem to have to cook everything at a lower heating than with my coil stove.

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I love my ceramic cook top stove and have had it around 4 years I think. I am not fond of cast iron cookware. I do have some old skillets. They are too heavy in my notion. I like frying my things in my electric skillets.


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