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homeboundOctober 25, 2012

I have a client with split & rotten trim boards around several exterior windows. Doesn't have $$ for repairs now (due to a bunch of other repairs) but wants the cracks caulked, etc. to hold off repairs until next year.

The trim is painted brown. Would you use Alex Plus (brown) int/ext., or DAP 230 (brown), knowing there's going to be a fair amount of tooling with fingers, etc.?

Alex Plus is easy to work with, but dirt stick to that caulk like crazy after if it's not painted. So if I go with "230" what's a good way to tool it without getting sticky fingers?

Thanks much.

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If it's a flat area, maybe a narrow putty knife? A spoon if it is where two pieces join at a corner. I believe if you wet your finger frequently, you won't get 'sticky fingers'.

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I have developed a real dislike of Alex plus - and silicone caulks in general even if supposedly paintable - always turns into a dirty mess even with paint put on over it. If you're painting it brown and not white maybe that doesnt matter.

Have been using Lexel and its great - can be used at low temps and it doesnt stick to fingers at all if you run a wet finger over it! More expensive but worth it I think. It may not be easily removable though if that is your intention (but neither is silicone) .

(no I'm not getting paid by Lexel - maybe I should!)

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