Furniture in Storage???

kittiemomOctober 17, 2005

I have a beautiful antique living room suite - sofa & two chairs. Even I will admit that it's not very comfortable. We have decided to make our living room into a family room & convert our current den into an office/library. I will be purchasing new slipcovered furniture (easier with the cats) for the family room. That leaves me no place to put my lovely furniture.

I've thought about selling it on ebay or contacting antiques stores about it. I'm having a harder time letting go of this than anything else so far. I think part of the reason is sentimental: my mother, now deceased, bought this furniture for DH & me before we were married. Another is that I just like the furniture & like having a "formal" room that actually stays uncluttered. DH & I haven't decided yet if we will build a house. DH has promised me that if we do, we can have a formal living room, even if it's tiny. If we do build, I would really love to still have this furniture. I have room in the attic, but it won't go through the stair opening.

Now I'm toying with the idea of storage. DH is ready to change some things around, so he wants this furniture out. He says he doesn't care if I sell it, give it away, or put it in storage. Please, tell me your thoughts!


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If paying for storage is not a problem, I would put it in storage. I would also put a timeline on making the decision about building a home. Two years, maybe?

If you haven't built by that time and the fact that the furniture is no longer being looked at everyday, you may be ready to let it go.

Be sure to find climate controlled storage. You don't want a pile of dried out wood instead of furniture.


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If it's not all that comfortable now, it won't be any more comfortable in a few years. If the fact that your mother gave it to you is the driver for keeping it, I vote for taking some good pictures of it (preferably in a room setting; maybe decorated for Christmas or such) and reminiscing over the pictures and the happy memories they evoke.

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well, if it's uncomfortable, any room you put it in will stay uncluttered, mostly because no one will want to go in there and sit on the uncomfortable furniture.

WHY is it uncomfortable? Is there a way to make it more comfortable? The first thing that comes to mind is, is it upholstered? If it were REupholstered, w/ all new padding, would be become comfortable? My mom reupholstered a sofa and replaced cushions and padding when she did (plus she got rid of the old prickly horsehair upholstery, yay!), and suddenly it was comfortable.

It may be that your mom bought it for you, but it wasn't a family heirloom--why turn it into one?

If you can't make it comfortable, it might be worth sending it on.

If you really love how it looks, then maybe it's worth keeping it--but only if you can actually make it comfortable..

(but--do the math for storage; how long are you wiling to keep paying that $?)

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I would also like to echo the issue of being very careful where it's stored.

Antique furniture can have delicate finishes. We stored some of 'grandma's stuff' for several months and killed the finish on several pieces.

I wouldn't put anything like this in an attic even if you could fit it. Most likely too hot during the summer and again, the finish would be in danger.

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If you truly love the furniture, and would want it above all other options in your potential new house, put it in storage.

If it's only redeeming value is that your mother gave it to you, I like the picture idea.

P.S. Do you have a spare bedroom you could turn into a sitting room?

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This really gave me some things to think about. I don't think this would be as difficult if it weren't antique pieces. I know it's possible that I could find something identical, but the odds are against it. Also, I got it for a steal, & hate to get rid of it & possibly buy more. But, it's not like there won't be any beautiful antiques left if we build a house. I guess I also hate to get rid of it because I really got it for a steal. I know I'd have to pay considerably more to buy something similar. But I also have to consider the cost if I put it in storage. If I store it for very long, I'd be a good way toward money to buy something else. I'm trying to sort out the psychological "baggage" & make sure that I make a good decision & don't base it on feeling guilty or wondering about "what if."

Steve: I like the picture idea.

Talley Sue - It's possible it could be made more comfortable. The upholsterer hardly put any padding in the back, especially on the sofa. I was actually looking at that on Sat. & thinking that it could possibly be improved with more padding & some large pillows.

Julie: I WISH I had a spare bedroom. We only have two bedrooms, & one of them is my craft room.

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