Razor blades on granite

LybanFebruary 14, 2014

Do you use razor blades to clean off stuff stuck on granite.
Is this ok to do.?

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Yes, I have used a razor blade to get off hard water deposits.

What kind of stuff are you trying to get off? I find almost everything comes off with a microfiber cloth.

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I am a fabricator.

We use razor blades all the time in the shop. As long as your counters are "granite" and not a softer material like marble, travertine, or limestone you don't have to worry about scratching it.

re: hard water stains, 0 or 00 steel wool works very well to remove hard water residue.

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Oldryder, since you jumped in can I ask a related question?

Our bathroom vanity is steel gray granite. The hard water residue is really starting to show. There is very little room between the faucet and the backsplash. I get the razor blade as close to the faucet as I can. I also have tried covering the faucet in tape and taking 00 steel wood and scrubbing around the faucet. I still can't get it to look clean. I am tempted to ask DH to remove the faucet so I can give the area a good steel wood scrubbing.

Any ideas other than removing the faucet?

I'm lucky with the kitchen. Lots of space around the faucet and on white diamond granite it doesn't show. I can feel it though.

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Thanks for the replies.
As far as what I am trying to get off, I do not know, just thst I can feel it but not see it.

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ahh..... what type of granite is it? I have white diamond and can feel a texture in spots. There is nothing there.

Wash with soap and water and a microfiber cloth. Put some effort into it. Still there? Many find Multi surface pledge works well. Also I occasionally scrub it all down with 00 steel wool.

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Thanks for the question and replies. Oldryder said not to use razor blades on marble, but I have to admit I've used it (blade quite flat) to scrape hard water deposits off marble countertop in the bathroom. What should I be using instead to get hard water deposits off of a softer material like marble? (I haven't noticed any scratches or gouges, but I of course would like to take care of the countertop.)

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debrak2008: your best best is to try just loosening the faucet. you can probably gain at least 1/2" and that might be enough to allow you to do a good job with the steel wool. you can also use a coarser steel wool and just follow it with a finer one. if that doesn't work remove the faucet.

re: pricklypearcsactus' use of razor blades on marble. It can be done but is very tricky to do it without scratching the marble as the steel of the razor blade is MUCH harder than the marble.

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Just a little tip for removing hard water deposits on granite.
mix up 50 % vinegar and 50% water solution.
Granites are acid resistant but there are so many geologically different stones being sold under the granite label you need to verify yours is acid resistant.
You can dab on or spray on to the affected areas let sit for a minute or two.
Then using this type razor blade held at a 45 degree angle sliding easy across the affected area. The deposits will be easily removed and the surface will be shiny again.
On marble there are non acidic products on the market that will work as well.
MB-3 soap film remover(safe on marble) will also work great on mineral deposits around faucets. Dilute the product as per instructions using hot water. Spray on the affected area and scrub with medium stiff brush and let dwell keeping wet for 10 minutes or so. Then scrub again and rinse. If the deposits are stubborn you will need to repeat. You could use the razor(only if you are comfortable)(practice on a spare piece so you know how to hold and move it) but you must keep it straight and at a 45 degree angle.Be very gentle never forcing movement.
Always use a new blade as lades get dull very fast.
Keeping it wet with product will help the action.
Wear gloves and always test first.

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