WT-what kind of top?

massagerocksFebruary 24, 2014

I'm still working on my former dining room. Ive posted before asking for rug help, and ended up with a terra cotta color. The window needs curtains but I have no idea what kind top treatment would look good in this room...grommet, rings, pinch pleats, box pleats etc... How does one decide? They would probably never be closed as we dont need the privacy. Also while I'm here, would you do a color like the rug or a color a bit deeper than the walls? I just taped up some leftover material thinking it might help me decide. The bookcase in the corner will be gone as soon as my new round end table comes in. I'm thinking of getting a lamp with a terracotta base for that corner. Hard for me to get good pics, rug color is more like the first pic...more orangey-bright rust colored. I like these from JCP (sorry, I only know how to post the links) but not sure about the color block (too contemporary?), grommets, or which color looks best..TIA for your help

a couple other ideas

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Here are your curtains:

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thank you posting my pics Suero, how do you do them all in the same post like that?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I like the 2nd and 3rd ones above.

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1. copy the image location (in Firefox, right click on the image and select Copy Image Location
2. paste the image location inside the quotes in the following
<img src="">

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Fair Warning: We 'neutralized' our house last summer, getting it ready to sell. I've been living in a sea of beiges since then and I may just be craving color and pattern. With that established, I kind of like these, from Target: (Ugh! I tried the magic code and I still can't get the picture to come up.)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think I prefer the 2nd pic.

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thank you suero.
I appreciate everyone's opinions..Is a pattern preferable to a stripe? Lost my sense of direction..I dont know if the drapes should tie in the color from the rug or keep the drapes neutral and use the orangey-rust in the accessories.
thanks for looking. Here's a couple more, Open to any suggestions...
a textured solid, close to my sofa color

a stripe

color looks right but the does pattern clash?

I only have shades on all the other windows in my home, except a doorwall and one bedroom, so this is hard for me to visualize.

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I played around with several of your choices, and those that I thought I liked were meh when I dropped them into the room. I found, surprisingly, that the third one made the room come alive.

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Hi, I'm back with more questions...The curtains will only dress each side of the 65 in.window (I dont plan on closing them). Would one pair of 50in. panels look wide enough? Also,what type of hanging treatment would look best if the curtains will never be closed? Rings or no rings? and last question, would they need to be lined?

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I don't know what's on the other walls, but everything on this wall is the same height. You need some variance in heights, so I think a nice decorative rod and rings would help, plus the strong vertical of the drapery panels will work well. Yes, 50" will be sufficient to provide the vertical element you need.

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Is there green in the rug? If yes, maybe look into that color for drapes.

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I have to agree with Edeevee. A smallish pattern like the curtains she showed would look fabulous with your room.

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