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bronwynsmomOctober 5, 2008

I checked out for a while, and want to tell you how much the forum has helped with my last project.

My DH has been working in Texas for two years, and we kept a small apartment there, mostly for him. The assignment is finished, and I went to pack us up and close the place up...right in the middle of Hurricane Ivan!

We had already moved to a smaller house in our home town as part of this whole arrangement, and so have the task of consolidating yet again, as well as the happy job of figuring out how to live together again full time!

At the same time, my elderly mother is doing over her retirement apartment, so I am organizing the job, and her, and housing her at the end of the month while the work goes on, and getting her resettled when it's done.


All the good advice here has helped me enormously as I think about what our actual needs are, and what we want for this phase, and how to go about restructuring our home life to suit us, and fit ourselves and our work lives into a space much smaller than before, and do the stuff for mother, without coming apart at the seams or strangling these two people that I love to pieces!

So...hooray for all of you.

I'll let you know if I do anything really brilliant, and ask your help when I hit the inevitable snags.

You are all wonderful. Margaritas for everybody, on the house!


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Cheers to you! Good luck and just remember...one step at a time!

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You have been busy. Sorry to hear that you got stuck in Hurricane Ike. Hope you didn't get any damage.

It is a tough job down sizing but remember what you want to be surrounded by not what others think you should.

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Bmom, I have been wondering how things have been going for you lately. Thanks for the update. I had a belly laugh over the "strangling" part! :-)

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Bmom, I too have taken some time off, since our daughter was home on leave. I'm happy to be back and good to see back too. I'm hoping all is well after your run in with Ike! Yikes!
My hubby worked out of town for over three years and I know call his snoring "purring". I'm sure you'll do fine too. Mine was home on weekends though.

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