Wide Baseboards

prairiedawnpamFebruary 9, 2011

The baseboards in our home are wimpy thin. In the living room I was thinking of adding wider ones as we reno, but would that mean we must/should replace all baseboards to match?


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You could do one room at a time but I think they should match.

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I would definitely do wider - you will never regret it. Like Shee said, you could do one room at a time - perhaps when you are repainting a room. In fact, you won't get so overwhelmed with the project that way.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money, go to a millworks type store, buy paint grade, sand well, prime well, resand, and two coats of paint. I have replaced miles of baseboard and trim in my house that way. My woodwork is all poplar, much cheaper than the stuff at Lowes and Home Depot. Best bang for my bucks I have ever done - but of course, I was replacing old wimpy, orangy, ranch style trim, some of it almost 40 years old.


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Pam, since you're current baseboard is thin you might be able to add faux height by leaving it in place adding a bit of thin trim above it and then painting both the trims and the wall in-between. Ofcourse this won't work as well if you want your trim to be stained.

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Justgota and Tuesday, thanks for your tips. I think Hubby might like the idea of just adding trim to the existing baseboard since he's doing all of the work. (I have a chemical sensitivity to paint and must move out for him to finish.)

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Okay.........Not sure what to say now. Guess maybe how are you planning on doing this if you have a chemical sensitivity to paint? Will the new "NO VOCs" work for you? Or are you staining all your wood work. Pix would help.

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A few days ago Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault (I think she is Hilary's assistant on "Love It or List It" was a guest on "Cityline". She demonstrated this new molding that is designed to extend existing molding. It has a notch on it so that it fits over your existing baseboard making it wider. If you flip it upside down it fits over existing crown molding to make it wider. When the two pieces are together (extender and existing piece) it looks like just one very wide one. Unfortunately, the video on the "Cityline site does not show the whole episode, so we don�t see the part where she showed this extension molding. The video only shows her installing a panel molding kit.

Maybe someone else here has heard of this extender molding? Sorry - I don't remember what it is called.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's the video

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We just replaced our baseboards with taller ones, and I love the new ones. Our existing baseboard was very beat up--so it would have been a waste to add more on top of it.

You can buy preprimed baseboards and paint them before putting it up--that may help with your sensitivity since they could be painted outside the house.

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How about raising your basebaords?


This looks easy and cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raising your baseboards

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Scrappy that's a great idea!

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We did the same thing Kristinekr suggested...
Bought pre-primed baseboards and my DH gave them 2 coats of paint in the garage. Once installed (with the small carpentry nails), it was just an easy touch-up with paint.
(really easy for me as he did it all,lol)

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