What do you do to avoid it all?

smom40October 7, 2005

Today, I actually went outside and mowed the backyard. This is notable since I haven't used a mower in about...TEN YEARS! LOL

Reminds me of college. I used to clean out my closets or my refrigerator the night before a test. I guess I'm consistant!

Tonight, I attack the kitchen. The WHOLE THING is a 'hot spot'. We basically live in there. It's where 'my' junk is. It's where the paper lives. It's where everything I don't know what to do with, lives. It's the most evil place in my home.

It's not dirty. The sink is clean. The dishes are put away. The counters where I cook are clean.

But everything else? Oh lordy.

If you don't hear from me in a few days, send in a posse...

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Shop for more stuff.

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I read a good mystery. preferably, something I've already read. But after my daughter died in December and again when my father died seven months later, I couldn't read at all.

My youngest daughter does the same and had the same reaction to reading afater Shelly died.

Every other situation works with the reading.


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To avoid the worst jobs around the house, I usually do volunteer work or join a new committee. Volunteering gives a positive sense of accomplishment; washing the kitchen floor just means it's going to be dirty again the next day.

I'm trying not to do that as much this fall so I can get caught up around here!

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Play on the computer or talk on the phone. (Just think, by reading this we might ALL get new methods of avoidance! LOL)

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My biggest avoidance method is browsing the internet - mostly looking at decorating ideas, furniture, & organizing stuff. Sometimes I read, watch tv w/DH or talk on the phone.

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Same here. I can spend hours surfing when I should be doing other things.

Talking on the phone, though, actually helps me get stuff done because I can talk on the cordless and do mindless stuff like empty the dishwasher or fold clothes -- it makes the job fly by.

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Going to several sites on the internet. They, unfortunately, have taken number 1 priority on my "to do list".

There are times when I'll stay up late just to get my internet fix so that I can concentrate on the house the next day.

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Shirley.. Like you anything that had to do with using my head like that was out after our baby son died 5 years ago... I acutally got a lot of or actually tackling projects that I had not gotten too... but that were for the most part mindless... it gave my head a a break and my heart time to at least start the process of healing... it take a long time but each day it gets a little better.
Lots of hugs for you!


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I was appalled at the response to this question that I posted so many years ago... I'm much more proactive now. Clutter is exhausting, but I try to work in 15 minute blocks of time-short bursts of activity is an excellent coping mechanism for avoiding the crash and burn associated with the avoid/attack syndrome. Why did I ever think that having a lot of stuff was important?

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Like cupofkindness, I work for 15 minutes at a time with a timer. That's Flylady's method. I listen to my ipod while I am working. I listen to podcasts of radio shows. I like interviews with authors, BBC podcasts, local shows, etc. I have also downloaded FlyLady's crisis cleaning podcast, and I sometimes work while listening to that.

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