Smoke smell

MaryFletcherOctober 23, 2005

The attic of my circa 1910 house smells of smoke from a fire. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of the odor? A painter sprayed a coat of BIN to encapsulate the smell but it still reeks! Many, many thanks for any suggestions.

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There is a product called Spitfire that might help. I used it several years ago. I am not sure if it can be bought in bulk, as it's expensive in small containers. Might do a google search on it.

Good luck.

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This may sound a little goofy, but I tried it on a smelly desk and on my recommendation someone else tried it on another smelly piece of wooden furniture and it worked for her too. I used Febreeze on it. I just sprayed it on the underside and inside of the drawer areas where the wood was unfinished and the smell went away and never came back.
It certainly couldn't hurt to buy a few large size bottles of the stuff and spray away.

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I know bin is a stain blocker but I don't think it does anything for odors. If you have a fire restoration company in the area, it might be an idea to give them a call. We bought a house that had had a fire in the attic also. You can see they painted something on it. The only time the smell was noticable was when the electrician was up there moving insulation and stuff around. Now that he's done, it doesn't smell anymore.

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Even though he BIN-ed the walls, the smell probably is still inside the walls, and certainly on the floors, as well. The suggestion of asking a fire restoration company is a good one. I know there are some proprietary cleaning things that are used after fires. Do you have plaster or sheetrock? That might make a difference, as well. I wish you very good luck!


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Are you certain there are no chimney leaks into your attic? The creosote smell from a chimney could be a source of a very strong smoke smell. It could be dangerous. If you have a chimney that passes through the attic, get it checked.

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Short of spending thousands of dollars on fire restroation people, you may want to try to find a product called ClO2 or chlorine dioxide. The gas version of this stuff will remove smoke odor if there is not too much fresh air circulation in the area you are trying to treat. The sealers are really stain sealers not smell sealers.

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If you have cross ventilation in your attic, open the windows and let the wind come through. I have aired out rooms and clothes that reeked of perfume and had smoke damage that way.
Also go down to your best painting store (the one that's been there forever, run by experts whose fathers were experts,the place the local painters go!)and ask for help.

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Plain old shellac will seal smells very well.
You have to completley cover the contaminated area though.

The smell may also be from whatever insulation or ceiling material is present on the attic floor.

The water used to put the fire out carries the stink into every nook and cranny.

Fire restoration usually involves the removal of everything down to bare studs and sheathing, sealing the surfaces, then restoring the walls & ceilings.

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