My $35 Milo Baughman Console

WMA89February 13, 2014

Several years ago, I posted about finding a chrome and burled wood console table at a thrift store for $35. Some helpful people responded and suggested it could be a Milo Baughman. I checked 1st dibs and, lo and behold, there was the exact table--attributed to Milo Baughman--and listed for over $3K. So I decided not to use it as a tv stand! Instead I threw a blanket over it and tucked it away in the basement. I'm home today in a blizzard and have decided to move it upstairs and use it behind my sofa. Essentially hiding the whole thing--but it will be functional and I'll enjoy seeing the burl. It won't work in all its full MCM glory in my home. And I'm tired of procrastinating over what to do with it!

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It's beautiful and will work in any setting.

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Holy cow, that is GORGEOUS and will be fabulous behind your sofa. $35? Seriously?!!

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Oh, that is just stunning! If you ever tire of it.....!

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It's beautiful!

I was almost the sort of person who sold one at $35. I have Milo Baughman dining room chairs that I bought almost 30 years ago. They were expensive (for us) then, but I bought them from Directional only because I liked them, not even knowing they were Milo Baughmans.

Fast forward to last October, and I decided to get rid of them and buy new chairs because I need at least 10 matching chairs, rather than the 6 I have, even though I love them. So I'm scanning the internet trying to figure out how much I should put them up for on Craig's List, and I discover what a treasure I've got. Two places have them for sale at $6,000 or so, for 4.

Bottom line, I bought 4 more of the same chair (excellent condition) for $1400, and now I'll upholster all of them together. If Craig's List didn't work out I would have offered them on Freecycle.

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helou, great story--thank goodness you did your homework before listing them. Can you imagine if you discovered their value after you sold them! Can you share a picture of them?

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Wow...gorgeous table...I'm going to have to start making regular trips to the thrift store (even though we are trying to get rid of 30 years accumulation of stuff in the basement).

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Wow, good buy! A actually read it as "My 35 Mio Baughman Console."

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Beautiful table, and aren't you glad for the snow day so you can now enjoy it!

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Why are you hiding such a beautiful table?

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I echo the thought of why are you hiding the table. It's beautiful and will work anywhere.

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That table is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!! I'd build a room around it; it's that cool. I may have to look a bit more closely at my favorite thrift store from now on.

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Let's get that sofa from in front of the window. Face the fireplace, and get that table behind it so you can see it!

I would be careful of it being damaged by the sun if you put it in that window.

If you really don't know what to do with it, feel free to send it on over!

Glad you at least brought it up from the basement!


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Here's the table behind the sofa. I just grabbed some accessories from around the house to play with arrangements. I really do need a lamp behind the sofa, because there isn't much room on either side and I don't care to read by the recessed lights.

Beekeeperswife, you raise a valid concern about having the table in front of the window. I will have to consider that. And I know it seems like a sin to hide the table, but in real life it just doesn't look right with the rest of my things. It's pretty "shiny" against a background of calm neutrals and furnishings that I love for their "patina" ; ).
We moved to this home from a much larger one and recently finished a big remodel--but it is a 2000 sq. ft 60s ranch with smaller proportions of that era, so I'm finding that everything I choose makes an impact. But I'm just playing around today, so I will keep an open mind!

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edited to remove duplicate

This post was edited by WMA89 on Thu, Feb 13, 14 at 14:49

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These are the chairs. I've got 4 like this, and two more with arms, meant for the head and foot of the table. When I contacted 1stdibs they replied that they're listed at $6,800, but could give me 20% off.

I was very lucky to find others for $1,400 (+$300 shipping, but at that point, who cares.)

Now my search is on for an upholstery fabric.

Here is a link that might be useful: Milo Baughman Chairs

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Those are great, helou--and they look SO comfortable!
So glad you were able to find four for a good price. Good luck with your fabric hunting!

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Thank you, they are comfortable, but the picture doesn't do them justice. They look great.
As Billy Crystal (playing Fernando Lamas on SNL) used to say, It's more important to look good than to feel good. :-)

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I remember well--"You look mahvelous dahling"!

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