what to do with a peach roof?

willajoOctober 9, 2012

Hi all,

I purchased this as my first home just a year ago. It was built in the 50s which I know compared to some of the homes on this forum, it is still a baby. 2 quick questions

1) Does anyone have any suggestions for paint colors.. particularly given the pink/peach roof. We are at a total loss... the best we can think is a brown/tan color...

2) Out of curiosity, Looking for any possible info on the architecture/style of this home

link here


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You would probably get more responses on the Home Decorating forum. House colors tend to be regional and apparently you live somewhere Southern California. You might want to drive around the neighborhood and see what others have done.

You might consider painting the house gray. Someone recently posted a photo of their house painted gray and it looks wonderful. It is on the home decorating forum, I believe. I can't find it but will keep looking.

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Not meaning to be smart, but go buy a peach, and find some color cards to match the various shades on it--anything from a very soft buttery yellow to a reddish-peach might look nice.

As to style, I'd say it's a ranch or bungalow. If you are in California, I'm just so glad it's not yet another imitation Spanish or Mediterranean house.

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Here is the thread with the photo of the gray houuse

Here is a link that might be useful: Gray house

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Here it would be common to paint the walls a soft pastel mint green.

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Now that I think about it, my stepfather's house was mint green with a tan stone lower half...don't remember the roof color...:)

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I was thinking green would look great too!

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Yes, green, but I would do a woodsy green, not dark, rather than mint green. I don't think that the roof looks bad at all, just not great with white siding. Change that color and you may be surprised at how good the roof looks! We had light gray roof with a light blue house; the roof looked terrible but it is in good condition. We painted the house a gray-green, painted the trim at the roof line dark gray-purple and the whole roof looks much better. Really!

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