Help! Panel Dishwasher depth

jmuiseFebruary 18, 2014

I need advice please. I want my integrated DW - Kenmore Elite 12776 panel ready - to be flush with the cabinets. I even got a 2" overhang for the granite and it comes out past that?

Our kitchen remodel is near complete and this issue I am unwilling to overlook. I went with a KD so they could advise me, but I don't agree with or like the answer.

Cabinet depth is 24" standard. And behind the DW we removed the drywall to gain 3/4" space. Unattached the DW depth was good. KD ordered the Starmark dishwasher standard cabinet. Because the cabinet has faceplate at 24" - it was the only place he could attach. But this has the DW out way past the cabinet doors. Should we have gotten a different style cabinet? I see pics all the time and these are flush - what am I missing?

I do not want to accept that there is no solution. Thanks.

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Something is wrong! We didn't push our dishwasher back into the drywall at all, and the panel is still completely flush with the cabinets.

I wouldn't overlook this either - it will always look like the dishwasher is ajar!

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I didn't think dishwashers were even 24" deep... ours is like 22 3/4 or something so it seems you are trying to work with the cabinet for attachment? Can't someone screw a piece of wood behind the faceplate so the DW can be attached further back in the cabinet? That's goofy like it is for sure.

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I can't believe they think that looks okay. Somewhere, someone made a mistake and I think you should be able to fix it!
By the way, on another note, I really like your floor. What wood is that and what stain and finish did you put on it?

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Remove the dishwasher and install blocking to the cabinet as necessary to allow the dishwasher to be pushed in further. This shouldn't be a very big deal.

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Fori is not pleased

Oh for goodness' sakes...who thought that was right? Yes, have it redone!

And also yes that floor is sort of luscious, isn't it?

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" KD ordered the Starmark dishwasher standard cabinet. "

No one else picked up on this ???

WHat in the world is a dishwasher standard cabinet ?

Only single dish drawers install inside a "cabinet" - and you don't have one of those. Dishwashers raised above the floor (like ADA) will also go inside a cabinet which is certainly not standard.

THis is pi$$ poor management and a sloppy/ lazy install.

I suspect the supply and waste hoses are not in ideal locations entering the sink base cabinet and are preventing the DW from sliding back.

Are your cabinets 24" deep including the fronts -or - EXCLUDING them ? Meaning the carcass is 24" deep + 3/4" for the drawer/door thickness + spacing for the door bumpers.

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Yeah, I don't understand why there is a "dishwasher standard cabinet." Is it because there is a wall next to the dw?

If the problem is the anchor location, use some granite anchors. We used them at a previous home, when one side of the dw was against a wall, and they worked quite well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Anchors at Amazon

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