A hole in the wall

nancy922October 14, 2008

I'm going to be remodeling my older house, and installing central heat and air. Currently the house has a thru the wall air conditioner. What should I do with that big hole in the wall?? I thought of having a stained glass window made for it, but it's behind some bushes, and no one would probably notice it.

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Well, it can always be restored to a wall like the original with careful attention to the exterior and interior finishes. As my DH likes to say, anything can be accomplished with the timely expenditure of a few pounds! Also, bushes can be removed, moved or pruned, if you'd like a stained glass window. That sounds lovely. Would it be a good place for a window - both from the interior and the exterior? I guess it all depends on what you would like and your budget. Good luck.

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I just sold a house I owned in town, and it also had a through the wall in the living room. Someone had done just the reverse, turned a window opening into an opening for the unit. I was seriously thinking of making it back to a window, and using stained glass because the view was not a desirable one, IOW the house sitting next to it, fifteen feet away.

Who cares if nobody else notices it because the view is hidden? It still would admit light, and you would enjoy it from the inside.

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Thanks for your replies. It is next to a bank of 3 windows, so there really is no need for more light. I just thought it was a cool idea. The interior wall is paneling, that I am thinking of paintin over, so it could be camouflaged. I could also hang a large picture over it or something......just brainstorming.....LOL

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