Ideas for 1900 Farmhouse Kitchen

gr82bgrammyOctober 21, 2008

We have a farmhouse that's about 100 years old with the original single section of cabinets along the back wall of the house. I'd really like to have a dishwasher, but the cabinets are about 2" too short and 2" too shallow. I also want to keep the period look and hopefully reuse the cabinet doors. Our kitchen has been painted green since this photo and I've done a faux finish on the counter tops that is a black base with a little taupe and white sponged in. I wanted to do this to see if I'd like a soapstone or laminate that resembled soapstone counter. I really like the dark counter. I also have the antique stove sitting between the counter and the fridge.

This will be a DIY job and my husband and I are really handy, we've done most of the work on our home ourselves. I'm looking for ideas of how to make this dishwasher situation work but still look nice. I'd love to see pics of kitchens you've done.



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This is a little 'off the wall' but I have an 1820s house, and not having a dishwasher was not an option, since mine is a functional farm kitchen, and I put up produce and fruits. Our solution was to install the dishwasher in an island. The island shares it's counter space with a deep sink, as well. Is this an option? Do you have space for one?

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I don't know of the size but they do have apartment dishwashers and dish drawers. I would post a msg on the appliance forum. People know a lot over there and could help you out!

Also, I have to admit that my husband and I have a dishwasher and I rarely use it. I hate it. I honestly would like to have more cabinet space. It came with the house though.


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You have a really cute kitchen. The sink looks like a great size and I LOVE your stove! How about taking out the cabinet to the right of the sink and recess a dishwasher into the wall a little. If your house is like mine there are several layers of wall finishs which you could cut out to gain that 2". Also many DW come with adjustable feet which if you took out that might gain that 2" height difference. Or like scryn said, put in a dishwasher drawer and then you could put in a regular drawer underneath.

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Mom2lilenj, I never thought of recessing the dw into the wall. That's a good idea.
I think I've come up with a different place for the dw. Please see my post here "Farmhouse Kitchen/Dishwasher dilemma and let me know what you think about that.

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here is my kitchen in the I,m just trying to make do stage. The cabinet under the window is just a old one set there agains the wall and holds the sink. It was not part of the origenal kitchen. At this point we had already taken off the cabinets that went to the ceiling and used them elsewhere in the house. I lived for two years with the kitchen this way the only thing that made it workable was the island we put in.

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