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cynandjonOctober 25, 2007

This forum has been very inspiring for me. I have been in a rut for some time and from reading the solutions given on this forum has enabled me to make great strides in gaining control and become more organized.We are building another house (DIY) so this one has been neglected.

in the last two weeks I have

cleaned out my closets and tossed unwanted clothes,

reorganized my kitchen cabinets and cleaned the insides

Hung my utensils and removed all crocks from my counters

hung my cast iron pans(all 15)and stainless so I could use them more easily

rebuilt four kitchen cabinets that were in need,

pulled out the refrigerator & cleaned under and behind it

Washed all the winter clothes,flannel sheets and blankets that were stored for the summer

and threw away LOTS AND LOTS of stuff that was being stored for no reason.

Cleaned both bathrooms and BR closets.

made a place for recycling to be more organized.

It might not sound like much to some people. But to me its a great accomplishment. Now I feel like I can see the light at end of the tunnel. Im still working to get the house in order, so I can continue to work on the other house and not feel so guilty.

Sometimes we dont realize how much of a life line a forum like this can be.

Thank you.


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Thats a simply amazing list of accomplishments!

Incredible Job!!

Very, very well done indeed! :)

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TY tea cats. I just want everyone to know that what people type on a forum can really help someone as it did me.

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You list sounds HUGE to me. Congratulations on many jobs well done!

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You've accomplished so much! It was tiring just reading it all. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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WOW ! You are amazing! Glad you have got so much done. You inspire ME!

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Congratulations! I doubt if I could do all of the things on your list in two months!! Two weeks' would never be long enough for me! I agree, completely, with your statement about this forum being helpful and inspiring.

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Thank you all. I needed some inspiration and I got it. Hopefully I wont get over whelmed again.
I think when you are leaving one home for another you tend to loose intrest in keeping up the old house.
Thanks again.

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thanks for letting us all know that we've been helping you, just be being here at the forum.

It was a real eye-opener on the 'meet and greet' thread to see so many names I didn't recognize, or hadn't seen much at all, of people who said that just LURKING was helpful or inspiring to them.

I really have only one complaint to express to you--how in the WORLD can you say that's "not much," that list!

That's tons of stuff, lots of work, a broad reach of benefit, and downright awesome! and inspiring.

You really need to be a little more truthful, LOL! And less modest.

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It sounds like a LOT to me!! That's excellent!!!

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Glad to hear that you are back on track with your home. You got a lot done.

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Good for you! You must feel great with all those tasks completed. Keeping the current place organized and weeding out junk now can help you feel more in control while you DIY and minimize work at moving time. You'll be ahead of the game when it's time to pack.


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Wow, and I was all proud of managing to fill up one garbage bag! LOL. Great job.

I know what you mean about neglecting old spaces. We aren't moving, but have completed some renos, with more planned/in the works. And it seems the rooms yet to be done, are the ones we neglect or clutter up. We know everythings going to have to be moved and what not to reno, so we kinda neglect keeping the rooms at their best.

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Sounds like you did several amazing jobs! The most rewarding thing about de-cluttering and re-organizing, I feel, is that it saves time and energy in the future. Not to mention give you a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Thanks for posting your accomplishments here. They got me inspired to do a few projects of my own this weekend.

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Sounds like a LOT of work and accomplishments to me too!!!

GOOG JOB!! Better check the soles of your tenny runners they could be smokin!!! WOW Good for you!!!!


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Talley Sue TY well this cleaning/organizing thing comes so easily to some people. LOL Im not one of them.
Tina YES it will be less sorting and chucking stuff at the last minute. I could just see my hubby saying just move it and sort later. I dont wanna do that. LOL
Thanks Ali and Bud
munkos, Its amazing how junk can collect if we dont put it away,isnt it?
Nessie, You can do it, Im sending you some good thoughts and engery!!
chris Yep had to use the fire Ex. LOL
Thanks again all.

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All that in two weeks! Wow! I'm impressed.

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Kudos to you for keeping your motivation for two whole weeks! I'm doing well if I stay motivated for two hours.

Today my 13yo dd found some deep inspiration, and cleaned up her part of our shared office. She's off to a movie now, and I'm under great pressure to do my part. Must. Pry. Tush. Off. Chair.

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I'm not the world's worst packrat, but I'm close. I have an antique four-drawer box full of buttons and various shoe accessories and things I've had since I was fourteen that I've carried around for fifty years. Some of the buttons are from my grandmother..many are on their original cards..I need to go through them and sell those which might be interesting to collectors. I have craft supplies (macrame, embroidery, basket materials, etc) which need to go away as I feel no further need for them)..a small stash of fabric which I know I will never use..on and on. On the other hand, every which while, DH will ask "Do you have ...." and sure enough, I do. Makes it difficult to get rid of stuff. We are facing the time of life when things will HAVE to be weeded so I must get myself motivated.

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Thanks Susan
Nann I understand, It would be hard to get rid of something that belonged to Gramma. I think I would keep the buttons, do you have a granddaughter or Daughter in law that might enjoy them ?

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