Old Slat Cladding And Dense Pack?

darkwolfSeptember 4, 2013

I need some help figuring out how best to tackle this.

We've got an old attached garage that someone at some point egressed into and put in a large bathroom and closet. We're in the middle of taking that all out, installing a new raised floor and finishing it off entirely as a bedroom.

Now, for the walls, to level things for drywall I will be using 2x2's secured horizontally along the studs @ 16"OC. On top of that will be insulation web, which dense pack cellulose will be blown into.

My PROBLEM is that the exterior sheathing is 1" thick board, which had anything from a 1/4" space to a 3/4" space between them due to shrinkage.

I do NOT want to blow cellulose and have it compress the tar paper against the brick, or fill the brick weeping cavity at all, so I need some way of sealing all these slits.

What do you think the best method would be, beyond having someone come in and spray a thin seal coat of foam.

I could get 4" wide insulation fabric and staple it along the joints. Be tedious considering it'd add up to 1200 feet I'd have to staple over each. Ugh. I could staple in more non-woven fabric, but that'd end up doubling the cost on it, which may not be viable.


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It looks to be full of powder-post beetles. Fix that first, before encasing the walls.
I'd be tempted to wrap the inside with typar, cleating in the corners of the bays for a snug fit, and wrapping the studs too. The insulation will slide along that surface and really pack nicely with the reduced friction.

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I was going to pick up a gallon of Borate treatment and spray the wood itself before encasing. There is old termite damage that I've got to stabilize and replace in places. House was treated though, so it's just old neglect. I could not find signs of powder-post beetles, but a Borate treatment will also mitigate them as well.

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