National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization

esgaOctober 24, 2005

"The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, an association of professional organizers, has established a household clutter assessment scale."

see the article at, a local Atlanta TV station (I don't know whether this is an exclusive, or they got it somewhere else). The article speculates that clutter is an evolutionary reaction, like overeating - saving up against scarcity. It suggests that these are modern phenomena because, for either obesity or clutter, large populations didn't have the necessary financial or food resources until recently.

The National Study Group's website is here:

No time to read further, just thought others might be interested.

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Thanks for the link to the article, Elisabeth.

I know my clutter and disorganization is learned behavior from my mom. I think that is why I have done so well with Flylady's programing.

I have found it very difficult to transfer those same new skills to the workplace. I still find myself with mountains of paperwork.


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M clutter problem is a learned behavior also. My dad learned it from my grandparents. My grandparents were notorious packrats. I think it was a habit they developed from growing up poor. When they died, they had five buildings full of stuff, not including yard clutter.

It's hard to pare down mountains of paperwork. I've also found that some people go the opposite extreme and get rid of things they shouldn't have. Files that are currently active shouldn't be missing major pieces of information.

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