Old casement windows

Debra304September 12, 2011

I have 100 yr casement windows in my house. Here is a picture of the hardware.


The part with the screw attaches to the window sill and the other end to the bottom of the window. Does anyone have any ideas for screens? There are some old wooden screens here for the double hung, but I guess these never had screens.

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I'm assuming the casement opens outward, based on the hardware you linked.
I have seen hinged screens that swing inward in this situation.

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Yes the windows open outward. I can't picture how the screen would fit over the hardware since it is connected to the bottom window sill and the bottom of the window. Do you know where I could see these? Thanks

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My sister lived in a house with a couple of casement windows and on one of them I know the screen sat completely inside the hardware. It was made almost like inset cabinet doors with a screen instead of a panel.

I believe some of the screens may have had a slot in the bottom frame for the bar of that hardware to poke through depending upon what position it was in.

I would look at Old House Journal online or Old House Interiors and you may be able to find something. I did find one image online

Here is a link that might be useful: casement screen picture.

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What palimpset is speaking of is called a full screen with a wicket. A wicket is essentially a door with screen frame cut at the bottom of the screen with the door hinged to allow you to open it and then crank open the window. You would then close the wicket and still have a full screen

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