Where is your computer monitor?

Maura63October 30, 2007

At home....

Is it directly in front of you as you sit at your desk? Is it in the corner facing you? Do you have a separate surface for your computer altogether?

I am thinking about my lack of productivity when it comes to paperwork - and wondering if the lure of the computer plays into it - if relocating it might help... even if just caddy-cornered on my desk. Sometimes paperwork and the computer go hand-in-hand.

Are there any orthopedic reasons for keeping the monitor directly in front of you vs. the corner?

For those of you who use a laptop computer, do you think this affects your paperwork productivity?

What works for you?

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When I had a monitor desktop set up, laptops now, I had it slightly to the right because I am left handed and needed the working space on my left. I also had a larger desk. Never worked for me very well and I always had to bring in another side table,sometimes a LARGE table, to lay out more of my book keeping stuff on. Being the cemetery bookkeeper I have four foot long maps to deal with and lots of paper work. Check book etc.

I will get a picture of my new working office moved to the other bedroom and I am much happier working in this room. It is lighter and brighter. The other office room is now the guest room and since we do not have much company and I work a little almost every day I feel I deserve the room that makes my the happiest. The guest room now makes a cozy guest room looking out on the pine and juniper trees. But those same trees make the room dark.


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This is my office now and since I do have the lap top I can move it over to the right when I need more desk space or push it back under the shelf and reach out to type. I have even had two laptops on the desk at once repairing one while getting repair directions on the other. The printer is on the left under the fabric and lace cover I just push back when I am using it and my office supplies are in the drawer under the printer. The desk is really small and I took the top off of an old wood kitchen table and set it on top of the small desk to give me more desk top area but not a larger foot print on the floor. This way I was able to tuck in the little one drawer thing with the printer. The other little side table is an old old hospital bedside meal tray.I use it for many things. I know this is all a bit crowded but this room is multi functional. It is my office, sewing room ,craft storage space, mosaic workroom and my exercise room. The room is 10 foot by 10 foot.


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In my family room, against a wall, on a nice desk buily-in with several overhead cubbies.

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We have a wireless laptop on the dining room table. We pay bills and write correspondence there. Because this is our dining area and open to the entire first floor, we try to clear the table when projects are completed. Downside to this setup would be lack of a regular keyboard, which is more comfortable for serious typing. The other negative is that bills and papers are usually out of sight, which can mean they're out of mind. I find myself writing notes to myself so I don't forget certain tasks.


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Maura, My computer monitor is my flat screen tv located in my miniature "office"- the closet in my little living room/den. This room until recently was my bedroom. The closet, sans door, is only 2 feet deep by 4 foot accross total. The tv is only 26" - a small tv, but a big monitor. (I like being able to switch from computer to TV, but picture in picture would have provided both at the same time.) For now it is important for me to consolidate the two functions in one unit. The area also serves as my bill-paying station. I always felt I needed lots of desk space, but my current arrangement allows nearly none. So far it is working really well for me as it has forced me to rethink cluttery patterns and be neat and efficient. I am reforming!

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The computer monitor is facing me directly. It's in a computer armoire with pocket doors in the living room. The LR is my favorite room in the house and also has the most practical space to hold the armoire. This is the third arrangement I've tried and it's definitely permanent.

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On my main computer, the monitor sits directly in front of me...but back in a corner so I have plenty of room in front of me on the desk to do my work. We have 6 computers in the house (4 desktops and 2 laptops) and the desktops are all set with the monitor so that the user looks directly ahead. I think ergonomically this is the best location. It causes much less neck and back strain from looking off to the side. I also have ergonomic keyboards on all the desktops. I know I have such wrist problems that I want to do everything in my power to help the rest of the family keep from having problems... BTW, I can type 80wpm on the split keyboard but only 55 wpm on a regular keyboard. It is one of those things that once you get used to it, you don't know how you ever typed without it. Now, if the laptops had ergonomic keyboards, I would really be happy!!

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The monitor sits directly in front of me -- elevated by an arm (with a flat stand where it sits) so I am looking straight at the screen.

Works SO well for me! And there is still lots of room on the desk to spread things out because the keyboard (and mouse/pad) pulls out on a "drawer"

Recommend this arrangement highly! :)

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