Pip's Kitchen - updated photos

PipdogFebruary 8, 2012

I posted my kitchen last year after our reno was mostly complete, but I never got around to taking photos of it after we got our banquette table and moved back in to the space. A friend of mine is a photographer and snapped some recent photos for us, so I thought I'd share the final, finished photos of the kitchen, one year later. Thanks again to this super helpful forum which helped us so much in this remodel!

--pip aka pipdog

Here is a link that might be useful: Original post with all the details

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Oh my gosh, how beautiful! I love everything! Specially Pip! I was missing the dog in the first few pics!

What kind of microwave do you have that fits so neatly in your cabinet?


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Gorgeous! So light and airy. What is your backsplash?

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This is truly gorgeous. I love the way the counters and backsplash go so beautifully together. It is all so quiet and elegant and functional too. And the dog!!! I am overwhelmed with longing for a puppy.

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Beautiful :)

And love the glimplse of your dining room. Those chairs are very pretty.

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I LOVE it! so serene but with a modern twist. I love the shot from the dining room into the kitchen. I love the fixture you chose for over the dining room table as well as the fabric on the chairs.


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Counters and backsplash are especially lovely, but all of your choices are beautiful. Great room!

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I like all the subtle color shifts.

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ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!!! I believe I have a new inspiration kitchen!!!

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I love it all! Pip is a dead match for the backsplash (which I love so much). It is gorgeous!

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Wow! I can't get over how perfect the backsplash and counter are together. You've created a really beautiful kitchen! Thanks for sharing.

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Very Beautiful kitchen! I love the soothing, but still warm overall vibe. Thanks so much for sharing the photos.

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What a harmonious kitchen! I'd love to start the morning there.

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Beautiful! I adore the banquette....what a wonderful, sunny spot. I would spend all of my time curled up with a book in there!

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thanks, all. it's fun to share with you all since I got a lot of ideas from the kitchens on here and I still love looking at photos of finished kitchens, even though we've been done with our remodel for a year now!

linelle, the backsplash is a staggered white onyx. The counters are Madre Perla/Mother of Pearl.

springroz, the microwave is a GE Spacesaver II...I'm not sure of the model number but it was recommended by my cabinet-maker who made us a custom niche for it.

palimpset, the color scheme has been an evolution over the last year. I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that the dining room has been 3 colors in 8 months. First it was a blue-grey. Too cold and too much contrast for the warm kitchen. Then we chose a darker brown (BM Wrought Iron). Too heavy. After that, we tried about 15 grey samples. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to try BM's Revere Pewter, based on the numerous recommendations from this forum. It is The One. Add me to the list of Revere Pewter lovers!

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Beautiful! I love that backsplash! Can you tell us more about it?

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I have always loved your kitchen.
And I have been secretly longing
to see your completed pictures
with the finished table and banquette.

Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us.
It is gorgeous!

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sure ayerg - the backsplash was purchased at Stone Mart in California. I've had a few people contact me about the backsplash and my understanding is that Stone Mart exclusively markets this product and it is not available nationwide - it came in a box branded by Stone Mart. When we bought it and spoke to our representative, they were cryptic about who the manufacturer was.

Ann Sacks sells a similar white onyx tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks White Onyx

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Thanks so much for posting a kitchen that has come together so beautifully, Pip. It just looks very right on this side of the screen and must feel wonderful to be in. Your compact but open little banquette looks very inviting.

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just adding to the chorus of oohs and aahs....so simple and classy, good job!

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Oh wow, it is Beautiful!! What a fantastic sense of style you have!! I love too many things to list, but some of my favorites are your cabinets, backsplash and color scheme! (Even though it's not in the kitchen, I love that white chandelier too!) To me your kitchen says sleek and chic with a touch of fun AND zen! Lol! I just love it!! Kudos to you! I wish you countless years of enjoyment in your gorgeous creation! :)

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I Loved your kitchen when you first showed it to us last year. Still love it. Its so glamorous and classy. Pip's a cutie too!

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Simply beautiful. Love the backsplash and the banquette. What an inviting space!

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What a lovely, bright, airy kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing.

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Hey Pip, you know I'm a fan....of everything.

Can you share how the KWC Eve is working out for you? I've got my eye on that for our future kitchen. (Between this and the Brizo Solna).

And how can I resist----I think that book should be on MY counters with my arabesque tiles!

Just a perfect place. With that sun beaming in it looks so warm and cozy.

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I really love your kitchen. It's so light and airy, but warm and welcoming at the same time. The banquette table is perfect. Thanks for the updated pictures!

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Love your backsplash, the wood floor, and the wood cabinets mixed in. Looks like a great space for you and your family to enjoy.

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It's beautiful. I especially like how the counter and backsplash work so nicely on both the white cabinets and the darker cabinets.

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I just showed hubby your kitchen and he says, "It reminds me of what Heaven will be like, all bright & glowy!" I'd say that's a pretty good assessment! LOVE your kitchen! Can you share more details?

Thank you for sharing!

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I'm struck by how much light there is. Beautiful.

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wow, melaska - that is quite a compliment! If you want some more info about, I've linked my original post from last year which has all the details about the fixtures, paint colors, etc.

beekeeperswife, i'm a fan of your style too and am excited to hear your new venture/home! I have to say that while I love the look of the KWC Eve faucet, I was a little disappointed that when you pull down the aerator, it's only a single stream of water (not a sprayer). I thought they should have a switch which allowed you to change to a sprayer. In my opinion, it's a bit of a design flaw since I am used to faucets that have the "sprayer" option (I'm sure there is a technical word for this, but I have no idea what it is). But other than that, I love the look and feel of it and I would probably even buy it again because aesthetically it's right up my alley.

thanks for all the nice words and thoughts. We enjoy the kitchen a lot and it was worth all the headache and expense (we went way our budget due to some structural issues and us falling in love with $$$ counters and tile, and well, more expensive fixtures, appliances, etc.) But it's worth it, right?! Pip the dog especially enjoys it and is a big fan of napping in the sunspots on the floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pip's FInished Kitchen - all the info

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Beautiful kitchen, love the light and the spacious feel - nice job, Pip!

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Oooh! I'm glad you posted. Of course, the kitchen is beautiful, but, of course, what we really wanted to see was how the banquette turned out. ;) Looks great! The table is perfect--serves the banquette well and keeps out of the flow. This week I've been working on combo terms--I'd call your kitchen "formal cuddly". Terrific!

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What a beautiful kitchen. I am just in the beginning works of a kitchen remodel and love your Madre Perla. I am looking at this for my granite. The one I saw seems to have more graining than yours. I'm really looking for something more similar to what you have. It's very soft.

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Stunning, hope to evoke a similar modern zen when we finally embark on the remodel. Can you share dimensions of the banquette and the round table?

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pipdog - Thank you for the link!

Is the kitchen still Martha Stewart Fossil? I was a little confused when you mentioned BM's Revere Pewter - is that just the dining room? I'm looking at the two colors online and they look so similar. How are they different in real life?

Your photographer is amazing!

When white is done right...it's amazing...as is your kitchen.

The warmth of the wood floor & the wood cabinet (what looks like a pantry?) and TV hutch really balances out the lightness of the rest of the kitchen. That pop of the brown valance is right on the money.

Your message center makes it look like someone actually lives in this kitchen - not just a spread for House Beautiful. The complementary colors in the bottles on top of the shelf really adds that 'pop'!

I have to ask you about your backsplash - it's etherial - does it shimmer? Change colors? Your banquette must be a joy to sit in - the light!

That open door...you can just feel that someone just walked through it & didn't close the door. It brings life to your kitchen.

And what can I say about beautiful Pip? He's quite the star & adds such a whimsy - it looks like he's chasing those light beams across the floor. :)

Thanks so much for sharing - I've put all this in my idea book so don't be surprised if you find a lot of your ideas pop up in my new kitchen :) We are beginning a build up here in Alaska this Spring.

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What a lovely and serene space! I love the different shades and textures of white/cream layered together and they are a great contrast for the lovely wood floors and SS appliances.

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I loved your kitchen last year and I still love it now. It's probably my all time favorite!

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Love and may have to steal the counter/bs combo! Thanks for posting again. Just wondering if you still like the 36 inch KA duel fuel after living with it for a year?

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lovely kitchen! looks brand new! can you tell me where you got your dining chairs? also, is your ge monogram microwave a built-in model or did you build the cabinet to fit a regular microwave?

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Love the pictures! We are 3 weeks into our renovation and I can hardly wait. Please share more details on the message center. That is one thing I still need to find.

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I appreciate seeing a kitchen with a cart in it. Tell us how much you use it? how much you move it? Would you recommend it? Where did it come from?

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nsdds, I'll put in a plug for Madre Perla -- it has stood the test of time. I was a little worried about quartzite as my fabricator had warned us about the possibility of chipping, but we have not had any chipping, etching or other issues with the counters. The MP slabs can really vary in their appearance - I've seen other slabs at stone yards with purple veining.

MaggieO, the banquette table is 30 in high x 30 in wide. We found the base at a restaurant supply store and had our cabinet-maker build us the top and stain it with the espresso finish of our back cabinets. The banquette dimensions are 66inx57in.

melaska, the kitchen is still MS Fossil, which has some slight green tones. RP is a warm gray and is only in the dining room. The back splash does have a shimmer which was very unexpected. With all the light that pours into the room, it gives off a glow.

michoumonster, the black and cream Parsons chairs were purchased at a store in the design district on La Brea in LA - the fabric has apparently been discontinued, so I picked them up for a steal. The microwave is not a built-in but the cabinet-maker fashioned a space for a regular one.

florantha, the cart was a last minute addition to the kitchen. We looked all over for a cart with the right dimensions and style and found our winner at IKEA. We did not use the top that came with the cart (it was a butcher block) but instead had our counter top fabricator make us a larger top and adhered it to the cart. We use it all the time and it's a great spot to unload groceries, prep lunches, etc.

icannotwait, i found the message center at HomeGoods last year. I painted it the color of our trim (White Dove) and added some hooks on the bottom where we could hang our keys.

domino, nothing but good things to say about the KA range. Easy to use and easy to clean!

I hope I've answered all the questions, if not let me know! thanks,

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Beautiful kitchen and beautiful pics!!!! Thank you for sharing them! I love the "heaven" reference :-)

Your pics reinforce my desire to have "pro" pics taken of the entire house if/when we finish all the renovations (right after cleaning and straightening up, too!). Not only would they be nice for showing others, but will be a nice "memento" of our house if we ever move (many years from now, I hope).

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I love your kitchen. It looks so happy and comfortable!

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The backsplash is gorgeous. I can say that I would NEVER be brave enough to have off-white cushions on my banquette! Mine will have a few off-white stripes on it and it makes me nervous! Just last night my husband spilled an ENTIRE GLASS of red wine on our yellow carpet in our basement...ugh.

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that stinks, drainbead! i hope the wine stain came out.

Our banquette's off white cushions are a leather-ette material so anything that spills on them (and lots does, as we have two toddlers!) easily gets wiped up. The back cushion are Sunbrella fabric which are stain-resistant too. Now the white rug in the dining room, that's another story...

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Beautiful! Now that you've lived in it for a while, is there anything that you regret or wish you'd done differently? What are your favorite features?

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Oh my, I think this is my new favorite kitchen - clean lines, bright, the perfect blend of light & dark. I absolutely love it and your home. Thanks for sharing the photos!

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LOVELY! So open and sunny. I can see a family growing and thriving there :)

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pipdog...I keep going back to your kitchen...you should name it "Siren Song"! lol

I do have some ?'s about the backsplash. I see pale green undertones in the bs...is that right? Did you match your MS Fossil to your BS colors? Just wondering if that's how you came up with the green undertone color (which I love).

Did your BS tile come in sheets or individual tiles? Is White Onyx really that varied in color? Or do they have different shades. Where did you get it? I'm having trouble finding it online.

Thanks! :)

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siren song ;) love it and appreciate all the kind words from you all!

melaska - there's def. some pale green/grey/taupe undertones in the backsplash. I had selected the wall color before we picked the tile, but it matches the tile well. It came in 12x12in sheets. I got it at a local stone distributor here in Southern California called Stone Mart. They brand the tile and to my knowledge, it is not available elsewhere, although I think Ann Sacks sells a similar tile. If you search "White Onyx tile" or backsplash you might come up with some more options.

a few things I would have done differently:

1) I wish we would have done a dutch door to the right of the fridge. I'm a big fresh air person and constantly leave doors open, so it would have been really nice to have a dutch door. Our contractor talked us out of it and the dutch door was twice as expensive as the one we installed, but that would have added a charming touch.

2) Potfiller - trying to save $$, we nixed this one. I cook a lot of pasta so I regret that decision.

3) My contractor installed cheap-o undercounter lighting that isn't dimmable. We should have asked him about other options - he didn't give us any options, just installed the standard ones he uses. Not too thrilled about that.

4) I probably would have replaced the windows since they are single paned and old, but we'd need to replace them in the rest of the house and that wasn't an expense we were prepared to take on during the remodel.

5) I might have done a different light over the banquette. We had a newborn during the remodel and we didn't have much time to hunt lighting - I selected this one after a 2 hour shopping trip to a lighting store. We wanted something small with a modern twist that would blend in and didn't make much a statement. They're ok I guess, just not wow-wow about them.

My favorite aspect is probably the back splash and the banquette. I enjoy sitting there and drinking my coffee and reading the paper in the mornings.

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gorgeous! i love so many things about your kitchen

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Oh I loved this so much the first time, and I still do. GORGEOUS!

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Beautiful!! What a fantastic sense of style you have!! Everything just works together. I'd never want to leave the kitchen. One thing I really like is your simple crown moulding. It works so well with your cabinets. Would you mind posting a close up of it and/or telling me a little more about it? It's perfect for the cabinet style!

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thank you kammererk! Funny you should ask about the crown moulding. It turns out that the cabinet maker measured slightly wrong (it could be because nothing is square in this 1950's house!) and there was a slight gap at the top of where the cabs met the ceiling when the cabinets were installed. We had the idea to put an extra piece of moulding in to close the gap. So the top piece of the moulding was installed to cover a little boo-boo, and it actually ended up looking better than we expected. This isn't a great photo of it, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like:

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Love it and thanks for sharing some details.
Don't feel bad about 2 colors for the DR - it took me 32 colors to figure out the outside of our house. Fortunately, only painted the patches on the garage...

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What a lovely, bright and airy kitchen! Love the back splash and the cozy banquette area. Enjoy!

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So lovely!! Bright, airy, pretty and functiona!!!

Funny that I came here today to do exactly the same thing!and our DIY reno was comleted one year ago. LOL

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Such an amazingly beautiful kitchen! I'm glad to hear that you use your banquette alot since I've decided to go over budget and get my banquette after all. It's so hard having to stay within a budget when you see all the beautiful things that "could" be in your kitchen. I'm thinking of doing a backsplash that's similar. I' LOVE the white onyx. Does it shimmer? It's hard to see from the photos. I'm in So Cal too! Completely fabulous! Congratulations!

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What a beautiful kitchen! Do you know the model number of the fridge? Is it counter-depth? I'm glad to hear you are happy with your range, I am trying to decide between this range and the 36" Wolf AG. It is a hard decision to make!

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What kind of hood do you have?

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Beautiful kitchen! I loved the photos and especially the weim accent. :)
I have two weimaraners!

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thanks, bostonpam, a2gemini and crafterbeth!

sanjuangirl, I'm with you on staying in your budget - that was our biggest challenge in this remodel. But I'm hoping when we decide to sell that we will be glad we spent it on the kitchen. The banquette was definitely worth it - we use it all the time. And yes, the onyx does shimmer.

snbtwins, the hood is Vent-a-hood. Can't remember which model number, but I think I put what model number in my original post, linked in this thread.

weimom, aren't weims great?? Pip is a special needs weim - he has a disorder involving his neck/spinal cord and he can't run or jump very well and can't walk up or down steps, but he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet!

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I love looking at it.

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Love your kitchen!!! Gorgeous:) we got semi-custom cabs and need someone to build in a banquette our kitchen. We are in southern Cali and your are just what we are looking for- who was your cabinet maker?

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Just saw pipdogs new bathroom in the Bath forum and wow what an exquisite space!
Someone mentioned her beautiful kitchen and when I asked she was kind enough to post some teaser photos and this link. So here I am bumping this thread because if like me, you missed seeing this finished kitchen first go around it's definitely worth seeing now because it's fabulous!! Love everything, especially the backsplash and banquette.
Pip dog are you in S CA, anywhere near San Diego? Can't you just come and pipdog my kitchen? Hmmmm new catch phrase...pimp my ride? No, pipdog my kitchen!

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Pip, your kitchen is gorgeous. Would you mind telling me what size the backsplash tiles are? They look to be 1x2. Do you know what color grout was used? Do you know if your installer sealed those tiles before grouting? Did you notice the color looked the same or different after it was grouted? I have been searching for white onyx backsplash and what I've found doesnt seem to have as much color variation as yours. I contacted Stone Mill in CA and it is too cost prohibitive to have it shipped to me in MD, so I am trying to find something on this side of the country that comes close.

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Wow pips! What a fabulous make-over ! I am soo glad you posted and showed the reveal! I wondered what happened to you too! There are so many posts B4 mine - so don't know if you'll read this but just wanted to say bravo! Also I went on the detail page -TY!! Wondering where in so. cal you are...want to ask about your contractor & also the dimensions os your rooms. Wasn't able to send an email to you . . .:(

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Hey Pip! Off topic here ( I already LOVE your kitchen and dreamed of that counter top in my space!)....wondered if you could offer any friendly "Weim" advice. We just brought our little guy home. mvandemark001@woh.rr.com


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Hi Missy,
I also have weims and have had the breed now for 37 years. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Just know that they are "velcro" dogs and need lots of human attention...very needy, lol! Feel free to email me at dnswain@aol.com
I love Pip's kitchen and her weim was a bonus to me!
You are going to fall in love with weims!

    Bookmark   October 26, 2012 at 10:55PM
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