Found house's nametag!!!

enigmaquandrySeptember 5, 2011

We took the plunge and ripped all the vinyl siding off our house (another, looooong story) and while replacing some of the cedar shakes that were original, we removed some over the door and discovered nailed to the house's sheathing the original "tag" of the homebuilder! It says "Peaseway Homes". I've tried to find some information about them online, but all I've come across is that they are prefabricated houses (similar to a sears house), postwar and have a different kind of framing called "stress skin panels" with plywood instead of drywall finishing the inside (which is one of my favorite things!). Anyway, I'm super intrigued if anyone has any info on Peaseway Homes, I'm also a little concerned since I don't understand what stress skin panels are but it seems that the plywood is structural, and three rooms of our house have had the plywood replaced with drywall. We are hoping to add a large dormer addition eventually and now I'm also wondering if a "modular" built home can support it, given their unique building techniques.

Anyway know about these houses? Our whole neighborhood was clearly built by the same builder (with extras and additions here and there). On the whole they seem sensational quality, with poured concrete basements and wide oak flooring.

I'll try to post a picture soon of the tag I found, it was so cool!

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Stress skin system is an engineered wall/ceiling/roof construction method that can do away with some heavier timbers because the skin of the house is configured to be load bearing by the use of plywood (and other measures, because it's an engineered _system_) Essentially the walls (and perhaps ceilings and roof planes) are box beams. Or something like that. The degree to which the idea was carried out would determine how deleterious it was to remove the plywood. If the plywood was part of the system, then it was a bad move to remove it and replace w/drywall. I would think that the plywood would have been glued on with great care, as a panel adhesive is calculated into the engineering equations just as the grade of plywood and the nailing schedule. It should have been a major PITA to remove that plywood, if it were part of the support scheme.

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We found our house's nametag earlier this week - pic posted. It too was located above the front door behind some decorative work.

Our house located in Urbana, IL in a part of town that was developed about 1950 (now referred to "East Historic Urbana"). There are several blocks with similar homes although there was obviously an attempt to provide architectural diversity. Over the years there have been many additions and/or mortifications to most of the homes.

Peaseway was based in Hamilton, OH (near Cincinnati, OH). Search for Peaseway Homes to locate a pdf file entitled "Houseinabox.pdf" for info on Peaseway and other prefab homes of the era.

Overall the construction is fairly good and well fitted. Only real problem is the plywood was covered with wall paper provide a paintable surface. After 60 years the paper is beginning to fail. Takes a bit of work to come up with an acceptable surface that doesn't bleed tannin.

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Casey........extremely interesting link, and a must read for serious old home nerds. Thanks.

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A more recent use of stress skin panels is by Yankee Barn. The modular panels and heavy timber frame are prefabricated and erected with a crane.

These systems are difficult to modify especially the roof panels. For a dormer it would usually be necessary to remove the existing roof panels and reframe down to the top plates.

You'll need a good architect and engineer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yankee Barn

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