What do I put in this space?! Suggestions please? Pic included.

coffeeaddict226February 10, 2011

So I have found myself with a roughly 43 inch space between the end of the cabinets and the support beam that separates the kitchen from the living room.

I was going to put a tall pantry here but after deciding to turn the laundry room into a large pantry, that idea was nixed.

I'm against putting more cabinets here because that would break up the counter tops and I want to avoid a seam in the middle.

Any suggestions for what to put here? I'm drawing a blank...it looks very unfinished to me with nothing there.

I've attached a picture so you can see what I mean, please excuse the dust, lack of toekick and lack of molding. It was taken while construction was still going on.



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Hmmm, my pic didn't show. Sorry about that! If you copy and paste http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff11/anncp/kitchen1-1.jpg into your browser it'll work.

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Not knowing what the rest of that wall looks like - the first thing that popped into my head was a bookcase for cookbooks or display for favorite pottery. Would take up the vertical blank without taking up too much floor space. Are those uppers at the end of the cabinet run?

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No, they're windows, not uppers. A bookcase is a good idea! I'll have to give that some thought.

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What about a shallow hutch type piece with bottom drawers for linens, place mats and maybe silver utensils and the top with glass doors for wine glasses, decorative dishware? You could do like a 18 inch bottom with a different counter top then what is in kitchen and a 13 inches deep top cabinet that sits on the stone, marble or wood top and goes up with crown at the top.

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That would be an awesome idea if we actually had a dining room with a table. But we don't.

It's an older house and the dining room was combined with the living room before we moved in...so no room for a table and I wouldn't have any use for things that go in a hutch like linens, silver, etc.

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The one thing I wish we had was a 'mail' area. I cannot stand having 'non-food' and 'non-eating' items in our new kitchen area. Things like mail, bills ready to be paid, keys, lunchboxes, pens, the newspaper etc. drive me nuts when somebody leaves them on the countertop. If we had a desktop closer to the door, all that 'stuff' would have an official home. From the picture, a full size cabinet would require you to move the plug (which is a PITA if you don't like drywall work). The height of a desktop would be lower than regular cabinet height so you wouldn't have to move it. The buffet idea works too because the height would not have to match your existing counter. If it was a 'floating' top, you'd have room underneath for slippers,a folding stepstool, umbrella stand, or bins to put stuff into.

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Here.s the photo.

Very few people have enough storage. Almost nobody has too much. Why not put in a tall cabinet with pull out shelves on top, drawers on the bottom, and maybe a counter in between? Design it like a piece of furniture--not the same color as your cabinets.

The first task, though, is to go through your stuff and find out what you don't have enough room for. Junk? Cell phones? Cookbooks? Dog food? Then plan around that.

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I'd do a tall cabinet. shelves higher up (maybe way high up with solid doors) behind glass doors (less dust) for cookbooks, recipe box, a few collectibles.

and a dog bar at the bottom. depending on height needed for the dog(s) i'd have a drawer(s) or solid doors above the open area. could even put the dishes on a bottom shelf if dog is taller so he/she doesn't have to bend head down so far. drawer/doors above 'bar' could be used for treats, leash, meds. and if a small critter maybe even a bag of food. mine are bigger and bags are huge so wouldn't work there. my dog food bin might fit behind the doors tho... I'd have to check how deep it is. That'd sure be handy!

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Message/Command Center. Make it an "Organization Closet". A tall cabinet that has doors that open out and in and that can be closed to hide the clutter when you have company (Sweeby, the creator of the "Sweeby Test", has one.)

The pic linked to below is the "above the waist" portion of her organization closet. It has phone books above, backpack and pet food storage below, and desk "stuff" in the middle.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Do you already have a wine fridge? that'd be my choice :)

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Good ideas! Thank you! I like the thought of having a place to put mail and bills and things like that. I don't know if I'd have to have this piece made or if there's something ready made out there that would fit. I've googled kitchen furniture and come up blank.

Anyway, thanks!

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don't limit it to 'kitchen' furniture. look at bookcases, hoosier type cabinets, office furniture etc.

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laura mcleod

I would use this as an opportunity to venture out (with measurements) to antique shops in my area - my bet is you could find an amazing little cabinet or table or bookcase or pie safe that would lend some fabulous and unexpected character to the kitchen - esp since you have an older home. PS Love your counters!!

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