Moving advice please

msmarionOctober 5, 2008

I posted several months ago about not know where to start getting the house organized well, it didn't happen. We have sold the house (short sale) and have to be out by Oct 29. The offer went in on Monday and the mortgage company accepted it on Friday (our realtor has never had one happen so quickly). Our things will go into storage until we know where we are moving to. We will stay with friends until we have enough money for a rental house.

DH is still not able to do anything to help so it's all on me and I'm very overwhelmed. I've picked up some boxes from the local thrift shop (they leave them by their back door). I have started in the guest room cleaning out the dresser drawers. I'll work on the closet next, all of my Christmas decorations are in there.

I need suggestions on how to protect upholstered pieces while they are in storage. I'm very concerned with humidity here in FL. They do have air conditioned units for an extra cost but we are coming into nicer weather so I'm hoping nothing gets mildew and moldy. I'm also concerned with protecting oil paitings.

TIA, Marion

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Clearly, you have a lot on your plate!
First, find out from your moving and storage people if you can store the dressers with their drawers full. It's a good place to put towels and bedlinens and kitchen linens, if you can. You can also layer in things like small framed pictures and little odds and ends that need padding.
Don't cover your upholstered things with anything but cotton sheets or muslin. You can buy double width (110 inches wide) muslin at the fabric store for very little. Safety pins are very good for securing the corners. You want them to breathe. No plastic covers...All you want to do is protect them from dust and dirt.
Call a local art supply, framer, or gallery, and ask them about the paintings. You may be able to pay them a small sum to store those things for you.

You have time, but if you are overwhelmed, the first thing you need is a plan.
Sit down with an oversized calendar of the month, and work backwards. If you have to move out on the 29th, plan to be ready by the 28th. There are always last minute things, and you don't want to go crazy at the end!
So on your calendar on the 27th, write a list of the last things you want to pack, like your bathroom, and whatever dishes and kitchen things you need to use up until your last day, and your toolbox. For the 28th, plan a last trash run, and the packing of your suitcases, and the covering of your furniture. Ask your friends if you can move into your quarters that afternoon, so all you have to do is go back to the house to meet the movers.

Now go back to tomorrow, and lay out your week. Think about your days and evenings, and when you can take things away, or be there for charity trucks to come pick things up, and when you can go get boxes and packing materials. Then walk through your house, and make a general category list of things you can pack first...all the things you don't use every day...and lay out a block of time on each day this week to pack. When that time comes, don't over think it...just pack. Write contents on boxes, tape them up, push them up against the wall, and keep going. Progress will breed progress, and you can develop your plan now as you go along. Let the calendar tell you what you should do now, and don't worry about what you aren't doing. When something occurs to you, go to the calendar and think about where to put it...write it down, and once it is scheduled, you can forget it until that time comes.
Then next Sunday, do it again for the next week. Every day you will see progress. Every third day or so, schedule a long hot bath, or a few hours in bed with a book...the rest will give you more energy than the time it takes, and if you don't schedule it, you might not do it...and looking forward to it can spur you on until that hour comes.

And call up everyone you have ever helped, and ask them to help you. Even a couple of hours on one afternoon or evening will help..ask them for a specific task and time, so they know there is a reasonable limit to what you are asking them to do.

You can do this. Just start. If you hit a snag, write to us here. We will help.

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I haven't moved in 15 years but a few years ago a few of my friends were moving but local. That they did was set a date with friends to come help pack. We would pack a room that she had picked out and packed it up. We worked for a hour or so had lunch (bought subs) and worked for another hour or so. It do go fast and we had fun in the process.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. I'll get my calendar our and make a plan.

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We just moved after living in our home for over 25 years. A little daunting for us. We got boxes from the rcycling center in for cardboard. We just taped them up when we got them home. We also got free boxes from and from We packed things were weren't using right away or expected to use right away. On the outside of the boxes, I taped an index card that told me what was inside. We shopped around for a storage unit, some would offer the second month free. See what is available in your area. We draped our mattresses, etc with white cotton sheets. Good luck

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As a Florida resident, let me tell you....I had a unit that was NOT climate controlled and I lost a LOT of things in only 6 months. The humidity collects in cardboard and ruins fabric, paper and my photos. Not to mention, without a sealed (climate controlled) unit, you get bugs. There were spiders in everything!!! I just left Florida on a 14 month tour and had to move EVERYTHING from my apartment and old storage unit into 1 unit and I opted for the climate controlled unit. Also, consider one on the 2nd floor (with elevators) because of the flooding/hurricanes in our beloved state. Good luck out there!!!

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