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marie26October 11, 2009

I keep way too much paper in my purse. Mail that I need to make a call on while at work or take to an appointment, medical information, ingredients for a recipe I'm going to cook, etc. Do you also do this or do you instead use your blackberry, etc. to keep track of this? Is this a generational thing?

I'm also wondering if you still keep an address book and an appointment book in their purse or keep this information in your hand held device.

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Electronic does not necessarily mean better. I am certainly techno-savvy. I am a super-user. So you'd think I could find a way to adapt to using a PDA. Turns out that I'm also one of those very visual people who doesn't think in a linear fashion.

I like to see everything spread out in front of me all in one glance, not scroll or press buttons until I find what I'm looking for.

I find it very hard to make a list and not have to add lines to describe the relationship between the items. I have a hard time fitting my thoughts into a PDA.

I reuse paper that has been through the printer once already. I cut letter size paper down to 1/4 size, and staple several together into small notebooks. Then I use the notebooks to record my thoughts. I cross out tasks as they are completed. Yes, I have to transfer some items to a new page. But I complete more tasks the first time than those that get transferred to new pages. If it gets transferred too many times, am I ever going to do it? Maybe not. Maybe it's not important enough.

I have a grocery list that prints out from the computer whenever I need a new, clean one. I have all the commonly purchased items on there, grouped by FRUITS, VEGGIES, DAIRY, etc. I just highlight what I need to buy. Then I cross it out once I have it. There is a section where I simply write in non-food items as they are needed, such as toothpaste, batteries, special items from the pet supply store, stamps, etc.

I did consider keeping the PDA just for things that are to be entered once, then accessed many times, such as addresses and telephone numbers. But I decided that my small address book is just fine for my needs.

I have a paper calendar, too. I'd hate to ever lose it. But I never have, and it works just fine for me.

Depending on how your brain works, you're either going to love or hate the new electronic devices. Perhaps when they are more developed, they will accommodate people like me better.

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I'm with you about the paper calendar. I too would hate to lose that. I'd hate to have to go to the computer every time I wanted to check appointments and such. Besides that the calendar acts as a reminder because it sits in the open at a place I pass many times in a day. If I had one of those devices I wouldn't give up my calendar even if I had to print it myself.

I don't have paper in my purse though for any length of time. Bills are paid from home--either on the computer or if I do pay them in town it is filed when I get home. That way I have a copy of the payment and I know what's paid and what's not. I have a ziplock bag in my purse and anything I want to save goes in it and I clean it out at least once a week, smetimes daily. I do it while I'm watching TV. It keeps my hands busy during commercials.

I don't have an appointment book but if I did it would be small. My address book is a 3x4 inch one I found at a gift shop. It's not actually an address book but I made it into one by sticking a folded over, cut down label on to the edge so it sticks out slightly and printed the alphabet on to them with a permanent marker.

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I don't keep an address book in my purse. It's in a 3- ring binder in the door pocket of my car, with another in the house next to the computer where I keep my calendar. One of the best things about it is that I added business hours to the listings, and use it all the time because of that. I never need to carry all that on my person, but because it's in my car, I always have what I need.

Instead, if I need an address or phone number for the day, I write what I need on a brightly colored 3x5 card which goes into my bag. That way I can add a list if I need to, or make a note while I'm out, to add to my calendar when I get home. By doing this, I organize myself as well, as I find writing something down also helps me remember it. There's freedom in throwing the card away when my errands are done.

If I hear about a new place I'd like to try, I make a note on my computer, print, and three-hole-punch the paper, which goes in my binder. The information is always there when I need it.

Other than receipts, which I put into a zippered pouch, I don't keep paper in my bag, with the exception of a couple of 3x5 cards for making notes. I find myself wanting to carry less and less around with me these days.

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I go for low-tech no-tech solutions. But a small memo pad-available at bookstores, stationery stores, drug chains,etc. And always keep a pen in your purse. You'll need it if you're in a car accident. Good for trips to DMV, anywhere you have to fill out forms.

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I go all electronic. PDA (iPhone, which is really several devices in one) backed up to computer. My house is small enough that if I don't happen to have my iPhone with me it's just a few steps away. And I always have it with me when I go somewhere.

Calendar, grocery lists, addresses, general note-taking - it all gets handled electronically.

If I needed some paperwork for a call or appointment though, I would just bring it along with me, probably either in an envelope or paper-clipped together.

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I'm electronic and paper. I need to have my contacts and email on my Blackberry, but I use a paper calendar/agenda for everything else. I'm like maryliz in that I'm a very visual person and need to see my lists in front of me. Receipts and business cards get scanned into my computer into the appropriate folders and are then tossed.

I've tried going all electronic but I can't so far and this works for me.

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I am 100% electronic (iphone) Love it. I always have everything I need at my fingertips. However, DH is not electronic at all and asks me for phone #'s since I haven't had a paper address book in at least 5 years. I do keep a family calendar on paper so that everyone is on the same page and then duplicate that into my calendar on the iphone. It is also programed to work with outlook so if a have a change at work it goes right into my phone.

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I just got a purse organizer. We'll see how it works once it arrives!

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