how to repair plaster detail work and terrazzo?

r3ventonSeptember 24, 2012

The interior of my entry hall has what I think is an arched plaster detail to it. There are a couple chips in this, how can I repair these? it was built approx 1910-1914

Also, the front porch is terrazzo white marble/concrete that has a large crack down the front. What is the best way to fill/seal that in? I can't afford a full restoration of the patio (have to pay for built in gutters to be repaired first) where someone would come out and fill that in and then polish to make it blend in.

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You could try fixing the chips with either joint compound or wood filler--maybe even some of that epoxy filler they have these days. All can be smoothed down to get the profile to match what is there, and then painted.

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Plaster of Paris or patching plaster may do the tricks for your corbel. Use a wash coat of thinned elmers glue to bond the new to old.
If you get a glob to stick, you can work it to shape once its dry with sandpaper.
For the terrazzo, maybe an masonry epoxy filler from the people at Abatron.

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