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OakleyFebruary 1, 2013

There was a topic similar to this about a month ago and I can't find it, so I'm starting a new one. We don't talk much about accessorizing but it's one of the biggest parts of decorating, IMO.

I have to show off my new acquisitions. lol. Therefore I want to see decorative objects that are also your favorites. I love looking at other's accessories!

Remember the topic I did looking for ornate frames? I found two vintage frames on Ebay which came with pictures. I love the pictures so much they're staying in the frames. Plus they match the decor in my house.

This one is for you Rooster haters. lol. This picture is fairly large and the thing is, I was going to take down my wallpaper until I bought Mr. Rooster. The picture changed the whole wall. Boy, that saves me a lot of elbow grease.

Your turn!

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oakleyok- I love those pictures! And count me in as a fellow rooster lover. Your top two pictures remind me of some Spode china that I have. I have always been attracted to those type of scenes. And don't take down your wallpaper!

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Oak, I thought I was the only one who loved pastoral prints! I have mine in my family room, as well as selling them in my antique space, but they're getting more difficult to find as we'll as more expensive. I think I love them so much because of the animals~cows and sheep usually~that are always part of the scene. I absolutely love yours!

Your rooster picture is also similar to one I have. I 'had' roosters years ago before they became the current trend, although they seem to be less popular, and I'm ok with that. I don't like trends, so the sooner they fade from the scene, will again be the day when a part of this decor will be unique to my home, or considered dated. Guess it's your personal perspective.

I have a feeling I could move in and not change a thing. ; o)

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Here are a few of my favorites:

Ironstone pitcher and ceramic quail family.

More of my Ironstone collection and a few pieces of my favorite "Summertime" chintz pattern.

Vintage needlepoint in cream frame.

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Beautiful things and I love it all: roosters, pastorals, white ironstone, quail and needlepoint. What a beloved trove of beauty.

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Patty, I've been looking for pastoral prints of sheep, cows and rabbits and I can't find any at a decent price. I'm also into prints not having a mat between them and the frames.

Sis, thanks for the compliment on the wallpaper. Once I got it up it really didn't go with my farm/country decor, but when a friend said she saw my house as "french country," then it dawned on my how right she was. But if I didn't find Mr. Rooster, it would have come down. lol.

Cozy, I have a similar ironstone pitcher and it's one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of it. Your setting is beautiful!

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I don't usually care for most wallpapers but that pattern of yours Oakley is gorgeous . . . I love it! I agree, that the rooster art looks wonderful with it.
As for your pastoral prints, my mother had those same two prints framed in their MBR when I was a kid. I like them a lot!

Like you, I love accessories and think that they are what make our homes so personal and so distinctively ours.

Here's one of mine: a Talavera plate from Mexico, with a Mexican statue in front of it and a candle holder my bestie gave to me for my birthday a few years ago. They sit in the corner behind my kitchen sink most of the year and I love the cheeriness of this combination.

Another little grouping of my favorites is on the credenza in our MBR. Out here in New Mexico, we love our santos (carved statues of saints and angels). This one of mine is set alongside a small stack of books I collect from the Thirties and a very special tea cup my DS gave me for Mother's Day when he was a toddler, all in front of one of my very favorite paintings. It's a watercolor done by NM artist, Sean Wimberly, of a Santa Fe gate covered with blooming lilacs, one of my favorite flowers. The credenza sits directly across the room from our bed so that I see this view all the time and love it.

Here one on the kiva fireplace mantel in my family room. BTW, kivas have very narrow mantels, which are a PIA to decorate, but they are what they are (sigh!). Here I have a hand-carved, large gourd pot along with two statues by another NM artist, a small black Santa Clara pot and then the painting beside it. I painted my kiva fireplace with ancient NM rock art inspired designs a number of years ago.

This should be a fun thread. I'm anxious to see everyone else's favorite accessories and hear the stories about them.

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I love everyone's "stuff". I'm not much of a decorator. I have a lot of old stuff, which my dh dislikes.. Another rooster lover here.

Here's my hall tree.

Here's my Larson soap table. And my girls surprised me with this wall at Christmas. I won't leave this posted very long.
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Red, they did a wonderful job with that family photo wall!!

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Oakleyok, your rooster looks very good on the wallpaper. They both compliment each other. Of course I actually like roosters!

Love seeing everyone's favs.

Very difficult to decide which favorite things to post as there are so many.

Here's one of my roosters - it's a handblown glass one.

This is a musical powder box which is very much like one I had as a child. I bought this one for 75 cents at a yard sale. I've just recently brought it out of the cupboard so it's again one of my favs. Very old pic, I really need to take some new ones.

Beswick pitcher/vase that belonged to DH's GM. I usually use it for spring decor because of the color and as it has bunnies on it.

Real birdnest DH found in a fallen tree. I put glass eggs in it.

I just realized I have crocheted doilies in 3 of these pics. Honestly I don't use them *all* the time! LOL

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You may remember I had a very small metal shelf in this space and liked it alot, but always had in the back of my mind to replace it with a longer wooden one should I ever come across a nice old vintage one. Well, bought an unpainted pine shelf at Pat Catans and painted it green, found some Hoosier bill hooks at a hardware store (cut pointy ends off), added two of my favorite red transfer ware plates, then found a sweet butter dish on Etsy, then the other day put my vintage marmalade jar up there (filled with cinnamon sugar for toast) and a little spoon. I always said I hate to have "things" sitting around, but now that I have this shelf I have to reign myself in - I'm finding all kinds of pretty things I could sit up there! ha.

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Beautiful items all! Is anyone familiar with Lefton collectibles? Here is a photo of some of my Lefton bluebirds, a piece of my Louisville stoneware, and some of my vintage ice cream soda glass collection

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Oh, I have one more- my Nancy Noel print

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Oakleyok, I have Hall dishes too, and about 50 Hall teapots. Do you have a lot of Hall? Or just what shows in the photo?

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That Nancy Noel still my heart.

I love all of your stuff.

Especially the collectibles.

I have a painting I won in an auction on eBay. Dh hates it so much, I actually can't find it. It accidentally did not get put back up after painting our house. I am going to find it and show it to you all. Then find a place to hang it, whether he likes it or not :-)

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Love seeing pictures! Kay, I have the two bowls you have & a teapot from my mom. My late MIL had the tureen which I inherited. Those are some heavy bowls!

Your Noel print reminds me of my two grandkids when they hug each other. Awww.

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I have twin brothers and the picture reminds me if them as babies, here is another Nancy Noel that I have and love

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Here's a few of mine. Sorry for the large photos. They are of a little antique table and chair beside my stairs, one of my dining room, my snowman display on a little shelf in my mudroom, and the one with the old folk art yellow cabinet is in a powder room. As you can see, I like old things.

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Red Lover, I love your "Old Stuff"!

Love the bluebird pottery, the Beswick pitcher, red transfer ware and bird's nest. Oak's Mr. Rooster is pretty cool too. (It's hard to be a rooster hater when you have a yard full of chickens)

That Nancy Noel print reminds me of my twins when they were little, in their Oshkosh overalls.

Lynn, you really have some special pieces!

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Love the snowman shelf!

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I have lots of favorite things, mostly artwork I've collected over the years, little antique leather books and silver pieces I inherited, and sculptures and "Artworks" my children made. Since we are moving soon most is packed away, but I've left my icons hanging up and love them so much. Several are quite a few hundred years old, one hung in my childhood home, two were wedding gifts we received, etc.

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I went on a thrift shop/yard sale spree last year, and started to collect these dishes. I love them because of the vintage/nostalgic feeling, and I remember having them when I was growing up.

Makes me think of simpler times.

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Sandy, I love the way you arranged your display of lovely dishes

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What pretty things! Love the dishes and Oak's pictures.

Gosh, I would be here awhile if I posted pictures of all the things I love in our home. I've never bought to fill a space, only buy what truly speaks to me (even more so the older I get) and use family trinkets and pictures when I can. Favorites include things I've bought home from trips - Japanese sword decoration and mirror, European walking canes with hiking plates, porcupine quill covered boxes, beaded wedding box and European etchings.

More etchings purchased locally and online, both of my grandmother's handkerchiefs I've framed between glass, my grandmother's china cigarette set (she wasn't a smoker, but it was always in their LR. Now it's on my vanity.), zinc horse head from French horse butcher shop (he's happier here!), vintage wooden boxes I've repurposed and collection of vintage birdcages.

I love to know the history, if possible, of things I bring home - like the Fussel & Sons box (linked below). The other box featured in the link sits on the breakfast room table, where I am during the day on my laptop. Just knowing someone crafted it by hand.. love the metal strip crudely nailed to the handle. Just a neat piece that I wish I knew the story.

*Edited to add: As soon as I saw the picture, I had to comment on the etching above the box. The mate on other side of range features deer. I originally bought to put in a lower level bedroom.. but then I realized I wouldn't get to enjoy every day and I really loved them - plus the fence in the deer etching is exactly the color of my island = meant to be. ;) Now, every time my grandson comes over he has me pick him up to get closer to the etchings. He always points and talks about the dogs and deer. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Fussel Box history

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Such wonderful things! Oak- two lovely Hall bowls were up at an auction we went to last night! thought of you.
Cozy- I have 8 dinner plates and salad plates and a platter in that white ironstone. I love them so much they are our everyday dishes!
I guess out of all my stuff I do have a fondess for ironstone.Here is mine.And I do love me a salesmans extension ladder! And my vintage birdcage( but not the speaker) lol
I also have a few silverplate teasets that I love.

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disclaimer: still working on the arrangement of stuff. And I do so love that fan!

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Sandy, nice collection of red/white. It seems to fit most decor doesn't it? and it doesn't have to be the rare antique pieces. I have a mix of patterns. Unfortunately I love the cups and use them, naturally they end up with nicks and missing saucers or saucers without their cups. :(

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So many beautiful things! Taking the time to post the pictures just shows how special these things are to each person. Thanks for starting this thread, oak.

This is a bench we have in our front entry. It came from the summer home DH's parents had in WI, but that was not its original home. We believe it started out as a built in bench in the entry of another home in Chicago. From the way the left side is notched out in the back, it looks like it sat against an angled wall, possibly a staircase. The right side is not notched out. We have done nothing to alter it or clean it up. I love the patina it has. The seat lifts up for storage. We estimate that the bench is at least 80 years old.

I am also fascinated by the tongue and groove beadboard on the front. It is 3/4" thick!!! (Taken with the flash. The wood is not that orange!)

This a a lamp that belonged to my grandmother. My mom saved it, but never used it! My brother and I found it when we were cleaning out the attic in my parent's house!

It sits on the old upright piano that also came from my grandparents home.

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love the metronome!! Is is a Seth Thomas? It looks exactly like the one my piano teacher used in the mid-40's. Mine (at home) was an ugly plastic black box (:((.

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Yes, it is a Seth Thomas. I have no idea how old it is. I bought it at my favorite consignment shop, which I also happen to volunteer at!

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Is it wrong to envy? Love this thread.

Oakley, I really like your Jewel tea dishes. I see too many other wonderful things to mention others have posted.

I've shared the first photo before, but the dishes are my mother's Hall orange poppy china and I just love them. The little cut glass pitcher and glasses above them and to the left was her tea set when she was little. The cut glass creamer and sugar to the right of the tea set belonged to my grandmother. Above that is my collection of Occupied Japan cups and saucers.

This is a Japanese music box my dad brought back to my mother when he was stationed in Okinawa.

And this is my favorite NEW thing:

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I love so many of your things...what a fun thread. Can't even name the things I like the best. I hope we see more.

I do love the Okinawa memento. Just wow. What a thing to have.

I want that container to the right of the bench. Not the umbrella container but the other one. What is it?

That lamp.... It looks like marble. Is it?

We donated a 1912 baby grand to our church because none of our kids would stick with the piano. We kept the metronome though because we kept clavinova. I just checked. It is a Seth Thomas. Is that good?

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Cozy - I have a pair of quail that look like yours but they are brass. They are old.

What you all are calling Hall dishes - I've always heard them called Jewel T. I have a teapot that was my grandmothers and I'm thinking another piece in that pattern. I've never liked the colors so have not used them. I believe my grandmother told me the Jewel T man came around selling something (detergent?) and you could get pieces of the dishes when you bought from him.


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Tinam, you are partly right. Here's the story. The pattern is called Autumn Leaf and was manufactured by Hall pottery. The pieces were offered as a premium by the Jewel Tea Company, and that is how the pieces in this pattern came to be known as Jewel Tea. Jewel Tea was sold door to door.

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betty - You will love your Kitchen Aid and will ask yourself why you waited so long to buy one.

red - The container next to the bench is a large crock that I found at an estate sale a number of years ago. It has an '8' on it, so I'm assuming that means it holds 8 gallons. As you can see, we throw shoes in it.
I'm not sure if the lamp is marble or alabaster.

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Betty: I have the same mixer and love mine. I call it "My Little Red Kitchen Ferrari". Hope you enjoy yours, too!

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Red lover. . .I would say yes, simply because that was what my piano teacher's was and she had very, very nice things (including her baby grand!). I do know they make very good clocks. I think I'll start scouring ebay today. .

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This very old portrait is "One of My Favorite Things"

He has such a cheeky wee smile!

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We have a dutch scrubbed pine secretary in our bedroom that contains cherished photos, vases, books, etc. On top is a paper parasol one of our children used in a play many years ago, and a watering can from my mom. A green lucite lamp, green and white jardiniere and a French chair fill out the corner. I love looking at that corner of the room!

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These are clay figures from Lucknow in India that belonged to my late father. They are displayed on a (closed) portable writing desk dating to the War Between the States, circa 1865. Two small oil paintings from Australia are behind the console table, which is wicker woven to look like a fabric skirt. The taller figures are Chinese and the silver is a Sheffield loving cup I had "planted" with a very realistic orchid. This table is in a small stair hall that leads to the library.

I love to bring things for my house back from our travels, and luckily, so did my parents!

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Oops---sorry about the sideways photo. I should stick to my regular mode of posting pictures!

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Betty, I have a collection of Occupied Japan teacups and saucers too - I will have to take a photo and post or you to see

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That cheeky guy is kind of handsome in his own way.

Kswl, love your corner. Very nice..especially the watering can.

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