How deep for a reach in clothes closet?

patches123October 18, 2006

My six year old house doesn't have a pantry or coat closet and so I am thinking of moving the door to the 1/2 bath to a different wall, which would free up space for a combo reach in pantry and clothes closet. It would be in the back hall right of the garage. Space is tight though. What is the minimum depth it can be to hang coats?

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OK after reading some other threads I am thinking that instead of hanging my coats like in a normal closet, what if I hung them so they are as if they are on a hanger on a hook, but on a pullout system, so I could layer multiples. Has anyone seen or done this? I have about an easy 14" in depth which would be perfect for the pantry type can and box storage. ANd shoes would fit. The only sticking point is the coats. Something like this but for coats instead of ties.

Here is a link that might be useful: See this

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I don't think 14" is deep enough to hang coats the normal way, but the slide out idea might work.

How wide would the closet be? If it's just the width of the old bathroom door, you won't be able to fit more than 2 slide-out things for coats to hang left to right instead of front to back. My guess is you'll only be able to hang 4 coats on each slider (our winter coats tend to be bulkier than spring jackets) so only 8 coats would fit in the closet. Will you still have room for pantry items?

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I have a total of 64" wide by 108" tall. Then the 14" wide easily be for the entire width or could do a 19" wide at 14" deep, then a 19X23 deep. then a 19X14. So if I did the 14" deep I could one 39" unit for coats then another 19" for pantry type items.

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24" is the usual suggested depth for coat-hanger storage.

You could get away with a little less, though, I bet.

Measure a coat hanger; add 2 inches on each side.

There was a wardrobe once in a Martha Stewart book (organizing book) that was converted into an office/desk. But still attached in the back were these hinged hook-thingies.

Here' how it was;

imagine an 8 or 10-iinch-long piece of wood, one end hinged to the back wall of the wardrobe, so they stick out toward the front, but can be swing over (they were hinged to swing toward the outside of the cabinets, so the ones on the left swing toward the left; ones on the right, toward the right). On one side of this piece of wood are wooden pegs, so they point toward the side of the cabinets. That's where you hang the coats.

It looked like a neat way to get a lot of coats in not a lot of space. When you wanted to access a peg, you could swing the board off to one side.

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