How do you store your handbags?

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7October 22, 2005

We have a large walk in closet and I had my handbags at first on the shelves, but then they got dusty. So I bought lots of cheap, muslin pillowcases to store them in, but 2 years later

I find I don't use most of my bags because I don't see them. So, recently I bought lots of plastic storage bins and am using those.

But, I'm concerned that the plastic isn't good for the leather! Years ago, I had mildew problems with plastic bin storage.

I have 50-75 bags or so. At least shoes come in boxes!

For those who have more than 2 :), how do you store yours?

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I have more than 2, but less than 5.

There is a shelf in the bottom of the very small closet in the master bedroom for shoes. The purses go on the middle shelf so they are somewhat "protected" from dust.

Maybe a hanging shelf unit with closed top and sides but an open front (for air circulation) for yours?

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I maybe have 3 purses. Only use one daily, and either black or white dress for fancy occasions. I'm really into shoes but not so much purses.

At my garage sale this weekend, a lady told me she uses those shoe holders that hang over your closet rod for purses instead of shoes.

I put a link to one below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoe holder

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you both! That hanging unit seems ideal, particularly the one for sweaters. I hadn't really thought about hanging shelves at all.

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LOL... just because we don't collect purses doesn't mean we dont have ideas roaming our heads!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't really think of myelf as a purse colector at all! But, I'll see one that would be just perfect for an outfit and I have years of purses because I keep them nice, so they add up. I'm definitely not a one black purse goes with everything!

I won't discuss shoes either.

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I usually keep in my closet and clean it daily before using and storing. It keeps them clean and new. I do keep on changing them according to occasion. I also prefer dark color as they do not get easily dusty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cross Body Bags

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Do a Google search on "hanging purse organizer."

There are canvas ones, which would keep the dust off and let air circulate, and you can see what the bags look like. Most of them hang on the closet rod. It would take some jury-rigging if you wanted to hang them from something else, but it wouldn't be impossible.

There are ones w/ clips that go over the door of the closet (you could probably screw the strap to a wall if you wanted); the bags aren't covered but they aren't on the FLOOR, and they'd be easily dusted now and then.

This one's sort of clever--smaller. It also hangs on the closet rod. It doesn't have any covering, but a lot of dust would shake off when you moved it, etc.

If you truly have that many purses, and storing them is a bit of a problem, I wonder if you would consider paring down. That would cut down lots of the problems as well.

If you did want to hang this from a side wall, you'd probably find it easiest to mount an ultra-short closet rod--a couple of plant hooks, maybe; or 2 shelf brackets and a wooden closet rod; any handyman could do it. Or buy one of those chrome shelves w/ hanging rod below it, like in the dr.s office.

Or this one, which could be cut down (use a hefty wire cutter to cut the shelf to be shorter, and move the brackets closer together.)

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There's the plastic pocket purse holder, but I did not like it because of the spacing. Its advantage is it's clear, but the pockets are open-ended for air circulation.

I am impressed with the number of purses, though. I recently went through a period of buying some clothes for reasons that were probably more psychological than because I needed them. I could afford them (well, still it is money that I no longer have to spend on something else that I might really value more) but what I am now facing is doh, I now have, and may already have had, more clothes than I can possibly wear in the way I really tend to use clothes, so that bothers me, and also, what was I thinking about where I would put them? So now I have to deal with either cramped closet space, or putting them somewhere else and forgetting I have them, or somehow getting rid of things, so that I can somehow enjoy .

Anyway, that is not to say you should not have 75 purses, but just that, you can simultaneously plan for better storage so you enjoy your purses more, and also think about whether you want to cut down on your total number, because that also may help you enjoy the remaining ones more, in case the combined solution turns out even better.

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