Original boxes for computers, good china, etc

yeonaskyOctober 20, 2005

Do you keep the boxes the computers and other expensive stuff comes in, for longer than the warrantee or at all? If so where and how do you store it? Do you break it down or just nest little boxes in bigger boxes. If not what do you do when you move, just pack it in movers' boxes, or other? I just recently acquired a new pot set, a new monitor, new computer and smaller computer accessories. I now have a lot of boxes!


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I wouldn't keep boxes for pots & pans--it's not like they need special coddling.

Maybe the monitor and computer (and maybe stereo components) I'd keep the boxes for a little whiel--warranty period, maybe. But only if the warranty says "original packaging."

Not smaller items, though. Not the china.

I don't have any space I could keep them.

My best friend lives by herself in a 2.5 bedroom house. She has a weird long closet under the eaves off one room, and she just tosses them in there. She said it was really handy when she moved--even the toaster went in a box. BUT...she has tons of room.

I do store some odd-sized china (a gravy boat, for one) in the box; it means I can stack stuff safely.

But otherwise, I keep almost nothing.

I figure, when I move, I'll get boxes then. It's not IMPOSSIBLE to protect stuff in a different box; just not quite as perfect a fit is all.

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We keep the computer boxes for about a month in case we need to return them for some reason. We buy from Dell so we would have to mail them back. Anything else, I post on freecycle if it a good, sturdy box. If it's not that sturdy, it gets ripped up and to the recycling center or trash.

Even for the warrenty period, we ignore the "don't return to store. Ship to the manufacturer" thing. We take it back to the store. We've learned to shop at places with good refund policies and that stand behind their products. The receipt is important, but not the box. At least that's what we've found.

We moved last Novemenber and nothing was in the original box. I ended up using most of those boxes to create flower beds this summer.


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For the past 30 years I've either been active duty military myself, or married to it. Moving every 2-3 years, I've learned to cherish and protect all my original boxes.

To answer your questions...

I keep every box possible for everything. I have the origianal boxes for the microwave, mixer, toaster, coffee pot, pots, pans, cookware, clocks, radios, lamps, televisions and all electronics, special books, computers, bird houses and feeders, gardening decor, everything!

Right not they're stored in the basement. At other houses they've lived in spare rooms, storage rooms, or where ever I could put them.

Some are broken down. Most are nested with smallest boxes in smaller boxes in medium boxes, in large boxes.

Movers are a mixed blessing and curse. I pack all my "most special things" myself, and watch the movers like a hawk. While in Spain I was trying to watch two men packing up my kitchen, while the third was in my bedroom...trying on my BDU uniforms.

I have all the boxes for my pots and cookware. I don't like the idea of them being shoved in a box with parts from the lawn mower and a spare boat battery (It's happened, LOL)

Once we're settled in a home of our own and no longer playing the part of wandering gypsies, I may, sadly and with great ceremony, put my treasured boxes to rest.

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I have no plans to move, so I keep none of the boxes.


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We keep the computer boxes for a couple of months in case something has to go back to Dell, but everything else gets broken down immediately for recycling. I've kept boxes in the past thinking they'd come in handy for *something* and we just never used them. When the basement reached critical mass a couple of years ago and had to be decluttered and cleaned out, we decided to trash all the boxes and we've never missed them.

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I've got some boxes storing seasonal stuff, plus all my boxes of wool for rug hooking. But the only box I'm really saving is the original box from the 1940's holding my candlewick punch bowl set; I would NEVER pick that box up and expect it to hold together - I would be minus one punch set! However, I am thinking about selling the whole thing, and thought the box would be a fun "go-with". Otherwise, boxes go out as soon as possible. I did feel regret at tossing the neat and colorful wine boxes I got from the liquor store when I did my kitchen over!

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I keep some boxes. My guide is how unique the box is. The box that china comes in, for instance, is not that unique since most china has the same basic shape -- and many people have china, so getting a box in which it can be packed safely is not difficult.

My iMac is a different matter. Yes, I could pack it safely in another box, but Apple knows what the original packaging goes through when shipping, so repacking in that box should help ensure safety.

Ditto for TVs (when feasible, of course, a big-screen would be hard to keep a box for) and the more fragile stereo equipment (like speakers and my turntable), some lamps, and some art (like glass bowls, vases, etc.; assuming they came in a box at all). It just seems more efficient to me to pack it in the same box in which it was delivered. And I'm fortunate enough to have the room for those boxes.

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Thanks for the answers. So since I have room it might be a good idea to keep the boxes for the more awkward to pack things, like the computer equipment. I think I might the lagostina pot set box for a while, and see if it gets in my way at all, but I'll get rid of the rest of the boxes. It's so nice to have a whole pot set again that I'm even attached to the box, lol. Once again thanks for the advice.


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