my closet is going in as I type

movingwestOctober 27, 2006

here it is so far, he is now building the island in the middle of the room with drawers- that shelf unit under window shelf is a seat. the corner will be a stand up vanity. Curtain and window seat cushion is already made and will match the bedroom.

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Pure luxury! How wonderful for you! I envy you to be able to store your clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. properly.

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It looks beautiful, I love the color paint you have in there. Very restful.

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more progress: next I have to add my grid for hanging my earrings and bracelets. I have two jewelry drawers in the island but that's for the "good stuff".

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It looks wonderful, I've never seen so many shoes !!!

When you're less busy, you might want to organize your clothes by color, shoes also, it gives out a better visual.

I gradually bought dozens of wood hangers, matching padded hangers, etc.. discounters have them in bunches periodically.

have fun !!

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Your clost seems to have alot of windows. It looks like it used to be a bedroom. Many types of fabric is very sensitive to sun light and will fade significantly due to UV. Silk, cotton, wool and leather are particularly prone to UV fading. More synthetic the fiber, the less sensitive to UV fading.

Just a caution.

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Thanks for the tip and yes it was a bedroom and is now a dressing room. curtains have been put up and the window is a north facing one. Up here in the Pacific NW one would rather have any and all available light than worry about the UV effects on clothing. just gives me an excuse for more shopping :-)

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