So proud of myself - DR table is CLEAR!

mommabirdOctober 25, 2008

For the first time in probably 5 years, my dining room table is 100% cleared off!!!! I am so proud! I didn't set out to do it - this morning I just started picking up a few things, and without even concentrating I cleared off 5 years of debris! I'm talking old bills, happy meal toys, misc. screws and washers, pens, markers, play-dough, receipts, etc. Everything gets dumped on the table as the family makes its way through the room.

My 2 younger sons are now making seed bead friendship pins on the table. AND we're going to - get this - EAT AT THE TABLE tonight! To celebrate it being clean, DH put a roast on to cook so we'll have a feast at the CLEAN table!! YEAH!

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Yeh! Clap. clap, clap!!!

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I know what you mean by "without even concentrating". I love those times when I get something done without having to force myself to do it. I bet you enjoy your meal tonight! I'm just as impressed that your DH will cook as I am that you cleaned off the table.

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Good for you, that is great. Now you have to maintain it. When someone puts something on there you call them to put it where it belongs. I struggle with the island in the kitchen.

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Hooray for you! I have a bedroom dresser like that. Hubby's been nagging me for ten years to clear it off. Maybe in November I'll get a round tuit!

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Hip, hip, hooray!

What is it about DR tables? One of our posters years ago (Rabbit, I think) said that she had realized that the DR table was her family's "in" box. That has helped me a lot.

I mostly am able to keep that table clean--clearing it off nightly was one of my very first Organizing the Home Forum successes. I'd posted about it here, so I had to get back out of bed and clear it off.

Everybody here at the forum was "haunting" me.

I have a dresser like that. and my DR table is like that if I'm not home to deal w/ it. (Mostly, DH just takes everything off and sticks it any old place--and then stuff is lost).

I don't think I've ever gone more than a year, though.

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Great job, Mommabird! You need to take a picture for posterity. Congratulations.

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Capture the moment!! Ask the family to discuss how they feel about this accomplishment. Can you tell I'm into debriefing?

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Mommabird good job!!!! Way to go!!!!!! You are encouraging us. For us the computer table catches everything.

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Way to go!!!!! yay for Mommabord!

And Talley Sue, your "inbox" comment made my jaw drop! Thanks for the food for thought-- wow-- very interesting. I know I am on here very rarely these days, but I still feel like we are "old friends."

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Well done and congrats!! I just love it when I can keep our table clean, even just for a few days in a row. I bet that feels wonderful, and that you really enjoyed that dinner!

(My dining room table is still being gradually cleaned off from our party last Saturday...but it will get there, eventually.)

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Take a picture! You've inspired me, Mommabird. I let my table get out of hand not all that long ago, but it sure covers quickly! I think I've been procrastinating even more than usual because the first step is to lug my 300-lb. sewing machine back upstairs. :-)

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Congratulations! I'm proud of you, too. Is your table still clear this morning? If you don't allow even a single item to stay there longer than it takes to clear the table after a meal, those stray items (happy meal toys, screws & washers) will just have to find their way to another place. Make sure there's a place for those items that used to end up on the dining room table. Maybe a basket or plastic bucket for each person? You're allowed to put stuff into another person's bucket if it belongs to them. Let us know how it goes with your new habit.


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It's been a week and it's MOSTLY clear. Did any of you see the movie "The Princess Bride" - if so you understand the joke about MOSTLY DEAD. So Mostly Clear is good enough for now - DH keeps dropping things there but I find a place for them in a few hours or maybe a day.

My DR is right in the middle of the house. We have a side door, not back door, so you come in the side door into the kitchen, then straight into the DR and there is the big Slab O' Table just inviting you to drop whatever you're carrying right on top - it's just sooooo easy to let it pile up! The kitchen is tiny - no counters to speak of - so the DR table becomes the junk collector or INBOX as Talley Sue pointed out!

Right now it's piled with candy from Trick or Treat last night but that won't last long :)

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