Small iron grill pan

barb_roselover_inSeptember 2, 2012

I purchased a cast iron grill pan. I can hardly lift it out of the oven, it is so heavy. Since I am the only one left to cook for, I really need a small one. Does anybody know where I can get such an item? I have tried locally, but we are a small community and I have been unable to find one. Any help? I love grilled vegetables--esecially the red peppers. They become so sweet. I also have been unable to find a mandolin (sp) to slice vegetables. Thanks in advance. Barb

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Hi Barb. There are actually quite a few small cast iron grill pans available. It really depends on just how small you want. I have one that is sort of the size to hold a grilled cheese sandwich. I have a link for one that size, that they promote as a small panini grill.
click here
When looking around I saw what they call a small grill pan that has no ridges that looks pretty interesting. It's small enough to sear just a few veggies but also big enough to do multiple items. Looks fairly light.
sizzle grill pan link

You can email me through Garden Web. I might be able to help you out.

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Barb, since there is only you, a 14 inch cast iron fry pan
should do all that you need. I recently bought a new one,
(Lodge brand),and I absolutely LOVE it. Even a 12 incher
should work for just you. Best of luck.

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My Aldi has a cast aluminum grill/ griddle (reversible) as a special buy for only $15. Maybe larger than you need? but it won't weigh nearly as much as cast iron.

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Barb - FWIW
A few years ago I bought a cheap mandoline at Ross/TJ Maxx - I was thinking it was smaller/cheaper/more flexible than a food processor. It works well enough to be dangerous. The blades are very sharp but the part that holds the veggies is crap. Resulting in me holding the veggies in my hands gingerly and thinking to myself this is stupid. I looked into a better one the next time I was doing a kitchen splurge. Turned out the better mandoline and a cheap Target KA food processor cost the same. So I have a cheap mandoline and a cheap FP - sigh. I use the FP 90% of time, but I did use the mandoline a few nights ago to crinkle cut zucchini for chips.

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