Abandoned Chateau, other videos

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 22, 2012

I was watching an old British series on UTube and then somehow came across these Utube videos of abandoned old houses, mansions, chateaus, ect. So far I've only had time to watch a few, but very interesting. Thought I would share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Abanonded Chateau

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Thanks for the link and idea!

Lots of UTube videos on abandoned places.

I was particularly struck by those of the crumbling Grossinger's at Liberty, NY, once the epicentre of the old Borscht Belt where literally dozens of Jewish comedians got their start. Jackie Mason, Jerry Lewis, Phil Silvers, Alan Sherman, Mel Brooks, Milton Berle, Jack Benny etc, etc.

My late mother first went there in the '60s and summered at various cottage colonies from the '70s on in to the 21st Century. As the old newsreels regularly thundered, "Time marches on."

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I've watched several so far, not the Grossinger's yet. I can't believe that in some of the chateau and manor houses the drapes and some the furniture are still there. Can you imagine what some of those places must have looked like in their hey day? What would the original owners/builders think to see them like that today? And interesting, and a little sad, to see rooms turned into bathrooms and thus a mess; but I also realize necessary as "time marched on". The carved wooden elements and doors. In one manor house there was just a ladder left as a means to reach the third (or was it fourth?) floor.

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Who owns these places and why are they left to deteriorate? It makes me so sad. Why don't the towns that they are in do something? The insides are still so amazing.

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