Pantry from scratch?

magdiegoOctober 13, 2011

We're remodeling our kitchen, and I will now have a walk-in pantry, about 4 1/2' by 8 1/2', with pocket doors. I've spent so much time agonizing over the kitchen, I gave NO thought to the pantry, but now the contractor wants me to make some decisions.

I'm trying to decide between built in shelves, or installing a closet organizer system, like Elfa or Rubbermaids FastTrack or Configurations. Does anyone have experience with those products? Love it? Hate it? Do they work for pantries? How deep or shallow should pantry shelves be? I like the idea of drawers in the pantry, but if I have the shelves built in, is that even an option without mortgaging my firstborn?

I plan on storing food, small appliances, bulk purchases of paper towels/toilet paper, wine, paper recylcing, etc. In other words, a multi-purpose pantry. :)

Thanks for any help - this is a once in a lifetime for me, and I'd hate to mess up the opportunity!


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Please also post this question on the Kitchens Forum. You will get dozens of answers very quickly over there.

Also, I believe Elfa just went off-sale at the Container Store. The next big shelving sale is after Christmas.

What a fun problem to have. Good luck!

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