desperately need your help on repainting old house

g.i.janeSeptember 21, 2008

Hi everyone! I just recently bought a house and wanted to repaint it. I am confused as to whatÂs the best paint color for my house. It has t1-11 wood siding, a cabin style and I want the house to brighten up so IÂm thinking of changing the color from dark brown to clay with a white trimming.

This house is situated in a heavily wooded & situated on a bluff overlooking a creek and a glen in the middle of a busy city. Please click the link below (woodland) for the picture of the house. I am confused if itÂs a good idea to change the color or should I just maintain its rustic look? Or if you have any advice on other color that best suits this house, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: woodland

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I'd wait and see what it looks like with the leaves off. That might change your viewpoint. Of course, I realize that once it gets cold you can't paint, but if you don't need to paint because of peeling or deterioration issues, there's nothing lost by waiting until spring.

It looks like a very cute little house, and lucky you, it's close in but still feels very leafy.

From what I can tell it looks vaguely Craftsman-y and those were often very dark or at least natural-istically colored.


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Hello, I would recommend a nice earth style tone. Maybe a light green, or clay color. Something that sets off the environment around it. As far as the rustic look; If this style and color is something you like and can live with then by all means go for it. I will tell you now that the T1-11 is terrible stuff. I cannot stand that material at all. It dries quickly and absorbs the paints right in. It is also difficult to sand. But if it is in good shape then by all means paint it. I think a brighter color on this with a dark trim will really look incredible.

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What a cute house! Look at craftsman color brochures from the paint store. Think about something that you love in nature and what the colors are. (eg if a certain type of tree, what is the color/shade of the bark, leaves, flowers, if a place what are the colors of the major features). Look at books and other houses that you like. Take your time deciding if you are like me you'll change your mind a few times. I don't know anything about T1-11. Figureout what paint is best especially for coverage of a dark color.
good luck, and post a pic again. (I also recommend buying quarts and slapping the colors on the house where you can look at all 2 or 3 in one area, its an expense, but better than having gallons that aren't right like I did, lol)

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Yes, I'd paint it! That particular shade of brown is pretty dated. I'd look at the colors of the bark and lichen on the trees (grays, gray-greens, taupes) and try to find something that you'd like. That way the house will blend into its surroundings in the winter as well as leaftimes.

(If you want to blend, that is-- and it sounds like you do.)

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Here's a good article about picking an exterior paint color. It is tricky because you have to pick main color, then trim, and blend it with other building materials, bricks, stone, etc. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: exterior paint

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I would go with a lighter tone as well. I like the idea of playing off of nature. Here's an article on choosing exterior paint colors -- might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: choosing paint colors

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I know our houses aren't the same style, but ours is in the woods too. I stained ours beachwood with dark clay trim.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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