pictures of warm white cabinets with lighter granite

eks6426February 12, 2010

Many people have the contrast look with warm white cabinets and dark (often black) counter tops. I felt my kitchen was too small to handle dark counter tops so I chose a lighter granite. Now, it's getting close to install time and I'm starting to panic thinking that light granite on top of warm white cabinets might be too much light. I have medium brown wood floors and lighter sage green walls.

I'd love to see some pictures of warm white cabinets with lighter countertops.


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I cannot show you actual pictures yet of the granite installed but have cream cabinets and have chosen lady's dream granite
( backsplash has some green and floor is a rusty cork) From granite

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I have creamy white cabinets with Namibian Gold granite. What granite did you choose?

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I have seen the above granite posted by muspic. It's called Rock Star (?) in my area.

Very pretty, but very salmon-colored. It would not look good with green-gold or golder tones of wood or paint.

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mary--nice look with the lighter cabinets and light granite. I think my cabinets and granite are both a little bit more white and less cream.

cabinets are warm white but not really cream. Granite is Golden Antique that is very light with some carmel but a lot of grey streaks too. I think the overall look will be lighter than your Nambian Gold which is very pretty by the way.

music..your granite is very unusual...lots of color in it. It's a lot more colorful than mine. I'm sure you'll be anxious to get it installed.

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Hi eks6426,

Funny you bring this up; I too have been in a panic after choosing Bianco Romano granite to go with my white creamy cabinets. Now I'm afraid it will be too much of a white, monochromatic look. But I've decided to select a backsplash with some pop of color that will add some warmth to it. My inspiration is the 'stiles' kitchen which you can view below. Hers of course has marble countertops, but the overall look is similar. I love what she did with the tiles behind her range. I am going to wait until the cabinets and countertops are installed before actually selecting the tile. I've had such a problem trying to visualize everything together that I thought waiting would be better.

Maybe you could try something like that with your backsplash?


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I just selected my granite, venetian gold, to go with my creamy glazed cabinets. My kitchen faces north, and tends to be dark. I wanted a lighter feel. For now, I'm thinking of adding some accent color trim in the backsplash. I'm not nervous (yet).

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I am glad that you posted this question, as I have been spending WAY too much time mulling over this very question. We have a not-too-big kitchen/breakfast room area and I didn't want dark colors in there, although I appreciate the look of white or cream cabinetry with black countertops that I see so often. I also like neutrals a lot.

So, I chose cabinets in a pearl white with a light charcoal glaze, to go with a bianco romano granite.

The cabinets have been ordered, although I could always change my mind with the granite. I hired a designer for a couple hours to help me with some of my remodeling decisions, and she suggested that I go with a wall color with some pop to lessen the monochromatic look. She added that I could even go with a neutral wall color, as long as it was much darker than the color of the cabinetry/granite.

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Our cabinets are BM Linen White, granite is honed Colonial Gold, backsplash is tumbled Crema Marfil marble, walls are green and floors are white oak with medium brown stain. We have an open concept with plenty of natural light, but a couple of big trees that keep the house from being super bright. I wanted something light because I wanted the medium floors and I have darker wood furniture. Although it is pretty monochromatic, it still feels warm and cozy to me.

I don't have great finished pics yet. Here are some from Christmas and another with better lighting. Hope you can get the idea despite the poor lighting.

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My cabinets are painted BM Cloud White, and the darker ones are stained "peppercorn". My granite is Bianco Antico, and although it has lots of brown, gray, taupe in it, it reads "light".

Keep in mind that you will get to a point where you have to decide about your backsplash. I had this vision way back when that I wanted a chocolate colored backsplash, but I learned that it would really look like a tunnel, since I had the light cabinets and counter. I'm pretty sure we are going with a matte white 2x8 tile for that. Currently, my backsplash area is painted.

Here are recent "not completed yet" pictures. btw, today marks 9 months since demo began. Yep, we have just crossed over that dreaded "I could have made a human faster" mark.

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Cali Wendy & Beeskeeper..Thank you so much for posting pictures. I feel a lot better now. Cali's color scheme is really close to mine.

Beeskeeper, I've been thinking about the backsplash already. Originally I wanted to do a glass tile in a light grey-blue-green type color. But the more I think about it, I keep coming back to the idea of a neutral stone tile that is similar in color to the granite and the countertops. I keep looking at some of the natural stone tiles that have texture..I think the texture would lend some warmth to the space...but then I think about cleaning rough, bumpy tiles...

I think I'm going to have to live awhile with just paint so it will give me some time to think about it.

Just got word from the cabinet shop that base cabinets will be ready this week so it looks like granite will be coming soon. My granite guy is my friend & neighbor. He will help with the cabinet install then template for the granite all at the same time. I'm hoping maybe in a week or so I'll have a countertop on the cabinet so I can stop stressing out about what it's going to look like.

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I just love all the kitchens that were posted in this thread. The light/light combination is so appealing! Eks, I think you've made a wise decision.

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I think your kitchen will be stunning.
The combination of a light granite and creamy cabs is
always so pleasing.
No worries,

Kitchen Counter 11

Heartwood Maine

White Kitchens

Kitchen Bath Designer

CotedeTexas MDG Illinois


Bay State Kitchen Retouched

GOs Kitchen

White Kitchens Google

East Villa Kitchens

HB magazine

White Kitchens Google

Washington Post Kitchens

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Thanks Boxerpups. The pictures are all lovely. I think I'm just at "getting close to done and questioning all my decisions stage." Can't wait to see it all start coming together.

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Could you please tell me the colour of wall paint you used in your kitchen? I have similar cabinets and counters and like the colour you have chosen.

Thanks :)

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Could you please tell me the hardwood floor you have in your kitchen? Your kitchen paint is so nice too.
I love all the kitchens posted here. I am thinking about a white kitchen with neutral tones too.

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No pics to show yet but we are going with white - creamy white cabinets and a goldish granite. Thinking Madura Gold or Kashmir Gold which is more subtle/less gold.

We will have an island of dark cherry so the granite had to work with both. I think light granite + white creamy cabinets is a nice combo. Marble is all the rage now and it's the same theme I suppose.

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Question for Cali ~
All beautiful kit chens, I'm almost rethinking my decision to go with wood over white cabs.

I'm curious about your glass front cabinet that faces the dinning table. Do you have something lining the inside of the cabinet? I thought I noticed a texture in the background.
I LOVE your house, I would have to move to get a kitchen/family room anywhere near as nice as yours, it looks so comfy, do guests want to stay forever?

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I missed those questions, sorry.

Easy question first-the floor: it is a cork floor. It's called (the longest name of a floor in the world....) Natural Cork Narrow Plank New Dimension, color: Corte. The planks are a click and lock, it's floating. Truly wonderful.

The paint. ugh. It was such a struggle. I ended up finding the color in Lowes, but had it made up by my BM dealer. The color is "Coastal Villa" by Lowes. I also used the "Italian Leather" (same paint chip)which is really dark on an opposite wall in the room, on the fireplace wall. And since those photos were taken, I've also added it to the wall with the hood. I felt the hood just didn't pop with that gray. Now it does. The color that is right between those two on that paint chip was also used on my clock wall, I felt that I needed something a little richer there, or else it might look like "giant ss fridge, cabinet, ss wall." I think I'm the only one who can see the difference, but it makes me happy.

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Uh, Cali Wendy, your kitchen is GORGEOUS. Please post a whole thread on it when you're done!

And Beekeeper - I can't ever get enough of your kitchen (I've been following your backsplash journey), but this thread is enough to make me feel like I should have gone with the lighter granite!!! It's beautiful! Argh!

OP - sorry to hijack. I had the same concern that it all would be too light with lighter counters- but I think the answer is clearly NO! Don't second guess yourself now (as I'm doing right this very minute b/c I have black granite) because you will love it when it's installed. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen!

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So many gorgeous kitchens on this thread! We were admiring Cali Wendy's light fixtures. Does anyone know where I could get something like those, especially the chandelier over her dining table (3rd photo)? Thanks so much!!!!

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I love white and more white...I have always wanted a white kitchen and I finally have the chance now that we are remodeling our rancher. Whether white kitchens are passe or not, I couldn't care less. I am building my home for my family and friends and whether my kitchen was a dated one from the 1970s or a new passe white one, my goal is to create a place that's a magnet for family and friends to enjoy, feel welcome and create memories. If you love the look, go for it. While the look itself seems very "cool" and not warm, I plan to have a number of warm accessories and my big farmhouse table and chairs, etc. will add to the wood, organic feel. Not to mention my 6 chickens that are squawking outside the back door!

My cabinets are BM Simply White which is very creamy. Love the color! Compared to many whites, it looks quite yellow. I used a white quartzite counter called White Princess.
From Menlo Farmhouse

From Menlo Farmhouse From Menlo Farmhouse From Menlo Farmhouse

From farther away, it looks quite white.From Menlo Farmhouse

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I love this thread! Sometimes I think I'm so boring but I really like this look.

Marcy96 - I'm always drawn to your kitchen - I think I've saved the picture 6 times! Is your backspash honed crema marfil?

I have off-white cabinets with Madura Gold granite. My cabinet guy came back after the granite was in and was surprised b/c he said Madura Gold is usually much more yellow and mine has more gray in it than usual. Originally was going to cave to DH and use a dark granite, but I'm so glad I reconsidered - I really love this granite!

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I just love the beautiful kitchens with the light granite and quartz counters so much! I have to save this thread for when it is time to finish my kitchen when I am less busy. I seem to be drawn to either cherry cabinets, maple stained cherry cabinets or warm white cabinets with crown molding and full doors with no frame showing.

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techmom1, thanks for the compliment! My backsplash tiles are honed marble in almond beige. I can't wait to see more pics of your kitchen - I love the Madura Gold granite with your cabinet color!

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Marcy96, I just love your backsplash tiles so much. Thank you for letting us know what they are. I also love your cabinets and beautiful counters.

I am in love with most of the kitchens in this post so now I am feeling that I want light counters.

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I like lighter granite with traditional white cabinets. Mine makes my interior kitchen bright and airy feeling.

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OK, wow. These are some [can't find an adequate word to describe] kitchens! I, too, must hijack.

All those posted are inspiring.

eks, it will be beautiful. Fear not, go for it!

cali_wendy, now I am putting your "face" with your name. I always love your kitchen when I see it. What is your floor? What color are your ceilings? And what color is your LR, same as kitchen or different?

firsthouse, I don't think I've ever seen your sliders. Again, words fail me. I want some. I think you have achieved your farmhouse modern goal. How's progress? (I see your walls no longer say "hi" so things are moving at least.

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I thought I'd pop back in and let everyone know that I did go ahead with the lighter granite...the Golden Antique. It looks fabulous. I am so glad I did the lighter granite in my space. Although, I love the pictures with the darker granites, I feel the lighter granite was just perfect for my goal was to make the space seem light and airy and it worked. I'm on the final stages now...window trim, light switches etc. Still trying to decide about the backsplash. I actually love my paint color so much I don't want to cover it up with a backsplash. Pictures coming in a few weeks!

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I'm wondering what make and model of sink Cali Wendy has. It looks like a double equal cast iron, but perhaps it is a fireclay. I'm starting on a minor redo of my 1940's era kitchen--replacing cabinets, sink, and stove. I'm struggling with the choice of a sink. Right now, Ihave a 40" wide cast iron sink, double equal, with a very deep bowl on one side and shallower on the other. I'm installing a smaller base cabinet to free up more counter space. (My 40" vintage sink is listed on craig's list--am hoping to spare it from a landfill). I like Cali Wendy's sink. Onthe other hand, I may still go with a stainless. Can't decide.
I'm putting in cabinets that are antique white and I think I'm going to use a Cambria quartz countertop. I was going to use Fieldstone or Sussex, but I'm worried that the counter will be too dark (the kitchen doesn't get much natural light). Cambria has a "Waverton" that looks something like marble. I have friends who think this will be too gray for the Antique White. But, from some of the photos, it seems that grayish marble looks OK with whites that are creamy with yellow tones. Any thoughts from the experts here?

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Yor kitchen sounds like it is going to be lovely. You will probably get a lot more answers if you post this as a new post, though. Good luck!

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Right after I posted this, I saw a thread addressed to Cali Wendy; thought you might want to post your question to her on there...

Here is a link that might be useful: Post

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I did white cabinets with Santa Cecilia 4 years ago and have never regretted it.

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Thanks much JBrig. Am posting on link you gave me for Cali wendy.

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I did white cabinets with Santa Cecilia 4 years ago and have never regretted it.

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Beeskeeper's wife, I love your kitchen. Where did you get the chandelier?

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mdmc, I love the granite. I had to click the pictures to look for lighter pictures. But your Santa Celia Granite is gorgeous! Thanks again for sharing.

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I'm so sorry I didn't see these questions sooner! Well, if any one is still interested, I'll address them now. I also just posted on the other thread addressed to me.

Before I start, does any one know of a good way to manage threads that you have posted to? I'm clearly not doing something right!

Nansea57: Thank you so much for the compliment! It is very cozy and I love when guests want to stay! :) My glass-front cabinets have seeded glass. There isn't anything in the back of the cabinets, but it may just look that way in the photographs.

three_daisies: Thank you, thank you. I WILL post to FKB before too long. :)

nikit: My dining room light fixture is Veranda from Pottery Barn. They still carry it. Here is a link:

jsweenc: I posted answers to your questions in the other thread. :)

willet: I posted an answer to your question on the other thread as well. :)

mdmc: Your kitchen was one of my inspirations! Love your cabinets, SZ refrigerator, floors, counters, everything!

eks: I'm so happy to hear you went with the light counters! Sounds like a great choice for you. Can't wait to see the photos!

Thanks for your patience. I'm sorry I missed these questions.


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cali_wendy Love your kitchen! I also love the layout of your house and the built-ins. Did you add those when you did your remodel? What color green in on your walls - it's such a nice neutral green?

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Thank you christyinco! :) Yes, we added the mantle and built-ins in the living room, the dry bar in the dining area and all of the kitchen cabinetry when we remodeled. We have an addition planned for some time in the future and we'll add a breakfast nook with banquet seating and an entertainment center in the TV room. SOME DAY! :)

My walls are Benjamin Moore Dried Basil (#1510).

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I asked the same question when I first joined. I was not able to keep up with all the threads I was answering and reading. The best answer I got was to keep a separate window open for GW posts, and open a separate tab for each thread I am following and hit refresh each time I visit it. I don't always do that because the computer slows down with a lot open.

I saw your answers on the other thread. Thank you!

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Thanks jsweenc. It is super hard for me to keep track! My computer already runs slow because I keep so many windows/tabs open. It makes my husband crazy and he is always scolding me because I complain about how slow my computer is! Ha ha ha!

I LOOOVE this site so much, but I wish it was a little more user Facebook or something! :)

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Cali Wendy, I love your kitchen! What hardware did you use?

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Thanks kitchen_angst. :) I used knobs, bin pulls and an appliance handle from Creations by Alno in their Barcelona finish.

I find that their website is not very user friendly for browsing, but many local places (window dealer, plumbing dealer, appliance dealer) where I live (So. California) had displays and catalogs to look at, which was much easier to see what was available.

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Dear ALL who have posted their pictures and commented. YOU HELPED ME OFF THE LEDGE! I was second guessing my calcutta gold "subway tile" backsplash to go with my Kraftmaid DOVE WHITE (with cocoa glaze) cabinets and Kashmire White granite countertop and Chestertown Buff (Benjamin Moore) colored walls! YOU HAVE MADE ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

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I am so glad that I found this page. I am in the midst of trying to pull together ideas for my kitchen remodel and need advice. Right now, my plan is to use Kashmire White granite for the countertops, paint wood cabinets white, and install medium/dark stained birch hardwood floors. I am having trouble with my backsplash selection. I like the idea of white subway tiles or the honed crema marfil marble tile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I have been looking to find a thread like this. I wonder if anyone can help me. I am definitely losing sleep over this issue. We live in a ranch and are redoing our kitchen as well as continuing the wood flooring of the kitchen into a fireplace/ den room which connects to a living room as well as into the dining room. We are getting painted white/cream cabinets with Delicatus white granite. I love the look together. My question is whether to go with a whitewashed, handscaped white oak floor or a dark taupe color wood floor (both look great with the cabinets and granite and both have no yellow or red which would not go with the colors in the room). I know both would look great. I kind of always pictured the floor of the kitchen as light, and the light handscraped/ whitewashed floor is kind of ranch-like. But, I am hoping that I will be able to create enough interest with different textures and some darker harmonious tones in the room, because I don't want the room to look too monotone. Also, I know that the dark wood would probably pop more and look more sophisticated. I am not sure, but I think the dark would may give the house a higher resale value in the future, because it is trendy and sophisticated. We have not picked out most of our furniture yet, so that will be decided once the floor is decided. Helppp Pleasee if you can!! : )

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I love the granite for your cabinet, it is perfect! This thread you made and the photos you shared inspires me to produce more of our products. I hope you would like to check some of our masterpiece for granite countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: United Granite:Granite Countertops

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Were you able to check out other granite colors?

Here is a link that might be useful: granite countertop colors

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