Experience with Comitti of London grandfather clocks?

threeapplesFebruary 10, 2014

We found one over the weekend while furniture shopping and were impressed with the workmanship. It was the nicest non-antique clock we've found. Do any of you on here have experience with them?

My mother-in-law wants to purchase a grandfather clock for our house as it was a wish of my father-in-law's, but he died before we were able to find a suitable one. Anyway, she is urging us to make a selection and this is what we like the best so far. Any thoughts on this brand?


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Holly- Kay

I just went to the Comitti website. Their clocks are really special. We have a Sligh that we purchased many years ago. I like it but never loved it as I felt my husband was too hurried in choosing one and I just wanted to get the heck out of the store as we spent all day and part of another shopping for bedroom furniture, library chairs, and a clock. I wanted a more antique look and really preferred a pediment top to the bonnet top. The Comitti appears to be a peg above the Sligh. I read at one time that the sign of a better clock is the ability to play more than one chime. Our clock plays St. Michaels, Westminster, and Whittington. I would love to see pics of your clock when it's in place!

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The Comitti plays two chimes.

Sligh are very nice; I'm sure yours is lovely.

I'm not really sure what to do. My preference would be to have an actual antique, not a reproduction. But, my husband is wary of it needing constant repairs and also not very interested in the hassle it would require to have one checked out. The biggest factor (sort of like your experience) is time (no pun intended). His mother really wants us to get one very soon since she's been bugging us for a year now. I feel pressure.

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There are two important considerations in a clock. What you see - the style and cabinet quality; and what you hear - the movement. It's been more than 25 years since we purchased ours. It has a Keineger (sp?) movement. It and Urgos were considered the top makers at that time. We have never had a problem, just periodic cleaning and lubrication.

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Ahhh, I was wondering why not an antique. Yes, they require babying. We bought an antique from the PO, it had been part of a planned auction at Sotheby's so we had some third party info on it (we knew nothing). We have only had it 3 years or so but had it cleaned and adjusted 2x.

It is such a lovely idea to remember your FIL. I would write your MIL a note and tell her you want to find something very special to remember him by. I would not rush.

I might start by finding who is an expert at repairs in your area, first, and ask him to act as a consultant of sort helping you find one?

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My husband really loved one of the Comitti clocks we saw. It had gorgeous inlay and a very nice painted face with images of wildlife on it. Funnily enough I can't think of where in our house we would put one of these. Our foyer has no good spots and so it would likely go in our family room. I think it would feel and look strange in there though, but maybe that's because that room has not one piece of furniture yet (that's a whole other post at some point).

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threeapples, antique clocks are like antique houses can be, money pits. As a former collector of clocks, antique and vintage, I think your choice of a Comitti clock is a good choice, a decision that will endear and endure. Good clocks never look "funny" wherever they are. The environment may look funny, but not the clock.

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