New Hex Tile Floor

lauren674September 2, 2008

Today we made some significant project with the installation of our new hex tile floor:

It replaces our old hex tile floor which we unfortunately could not save (we tried).

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Looks great!

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Looks very nice. Did you replace the tub area with a shower stall? What sort of shower floor did you use? (makes sense??)

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We used a prefab acrylic type shower pan laid over a bed of mortar. Its 60" x 30". Its looking really good now tiled in. Here is a link to the whole project to date. The bathroom should be completed this week ~ except the shower door.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laurens Bathroom Gallery

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Very nice!!! You've got to be quite pleased with the way it turned out. Love the floor.
Trying to decide if I want to have a shower floor or to have the shower pan with feet (like a claw foot tub). Don't know if that would go with a 40's-50's look of a bathroom for one, and don't really know the sizes of those pans for two, or how practical they are for three. Right now I have a typical shower stall, big enough for one person. Want to make it more user friendly. Plus want to do the hex floor also.
Thanks for sharing the pics....again, very nice!!

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Thank you for your compliments! I am very pleased with the way its gong up on the walls and really love the new floor. Can't wait to see it with the console sink installed. I've been posting a few pictures each day as the tiling should be done in a few days ~ waiting for delayed trim tiles. There will be one row of 6"x6" bullnose squares above the black liner, the window wall tiled when quarteround comes in, and then of course the grout.

I have never seen one of those antique looking shower pans that are big enough for two or three...only about 30" square. If you have room for a big shower, I would have one custom made with a hex tile floor using the kerdi system so there's no chance of the grout failing. The porcelain hex was around $6 sq ft, we also priced marble hex around $15 sq ft.

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Love your "new" (old) bathroom-- what an improvement!

I'm wondering where you found your sink, and how expensive it was. Could you enlighten me?

Thanks! I'm plotting a bathroom redo and something like that would be very appropriate- our house was built in 1916. The bathroom's circa 1982 now- ugh.

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Fuzzy, ah...the sink. Well, there is a story behind that beautiful sink. It was advertised incorrectly online when we bought it for around $800, which we thought was a very, very expensive sink but it was the just right dimensions and style so we splurged - it was supposed to be a pedestal sink. We only received the sink at first. After some dispute for a month, the company stated they would honor their incorrect ad which had included the pedestal even though that was meant to be sold separately from the 'wash basin' (sink). They said they would send the pedestal...and we waited. More than two months after receiving the sink, we received shipment a 'wash stand' (console) instead of the upgrade that was fine with us.

Here is a link to an online ad which shows what a surprising deal that turned out to be ~

Here is a link that might be useful: Current ad for hebeau monarque

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And, now that I've shown you that crazy priced expensive sink, here is a very nice similar option that is reasonably priced ~ (and includes both sink and stand). I like this sink very much too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomezia Sink

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Good grief, what is it made of? Solid gold? I can't believe that price!

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I know, its just insane. We liked the Pomezia and thought the Herbeau was a couple of hundred more and had some nice details...we justified it by saying well we're saving $ DIY so okay lets do it and get the one we like best.

The Herbeau Console two pieces ("washbasin" and "wash stand") add up to $2800. Due to their error in the original ad, we paid $800 (for the less expensive pedestal style which apparently should have been hundreds more). DH had wanted the pedestal but in the end they sent us the console style which was ironically what I preferred (couldn't believe it when I was opening the box). After 2 months and many difficult horribly long phone calls it was time to call it 'done' and accept what they had sent in spite of the fact that it was an even more expensive error on their part.

So, we cannot recommend the sink to anyone who likes it because of the crazy price. While it's very nice, its a sink and there's nothing about it that would ever justify that price.

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Hi -
Your floor looks great; I've been looking everywhere for a white hex porcelain floor with black flowers (not positive if those are your colors though cuz of computer colors...) -- is yours ceramic or porcelain and where did you get it, please?!?! Thanks!

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The floor pattern was made by buying enough hex for a white floor and some black hex sheets to create the pattern.

I cut out the black daisies keeping the mesh intact and dry fit the floor first, laying the daisies on top of the white hex while we figured out the pattern spacing. Then number marked the center of each daisy and carefully removed the white tiles and replaced with the black daisy.

If you would like more detail on exactly how to do this let me know. Creating the pattern yourself will ensure its nicely balanced in your room.

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American Universal Tile, purchased online. Its matte glazed 1" porcelain hex.

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Thanks so much!

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absolutely gorgeous outcome, night and day! Good Job!

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Hi Lauren
WE are thinking of putting in a tile floor like this... How are you liking it? The tile guys is trying to talk me out of it.
Can you email me?

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