Re-Porcelain (NOT re-enamel) a Kitchen Sink

balithaiSeptember 14, 2006

We have a huge, unique kitchen sink in a 1920's cottage we are restoring. The sink is in pretty bad shape. We have looked and thus far found no replacement like it, and are thinking of having it re-porcelained (actually sandblasted and re-fired, not the re-enamel process).

Does anyone have experience with this? Can anyone recommend someone, preferably in N.California, but anywhere who can do this? And anyone have any idea what it would cost for a 42x22x8 double sink?


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I'd like to add another question-- if anyone knows of such a place in Northern Illinois pls. post the info here... I remember reading about it a couple yrs ago but of course now that I need the info I can't find it!

As you say, its an actual firing process and not the usual epoxy-based paint method most refinishers use. I remember the cost was more than the usual refinishing... but not as much as a new Kohler reproduction sink or tub (which can be 1 or 2 thousand bucks). I think it would be well worth the cost bc you know it'll last forever.

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I would think maybe if you called a plumbing supply store in your area they might be able to point you in the right direction....that or call your favorite plumber and ask.

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Or even try any arch. salvage yards. They sell the old stuff, so you know this question has come up before.


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I've asked plumbers in our area, no one had any idea (we actually live in an area w/few older homes, so this issue likely doesn't come up much). And thanks for the idea to call arch. salvage yards. There are some good ones in the SF Bay Area - great idea! But if anyone hears of a company that does re-porcelain work, I'd still love to hear about it!

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I wonder if this is where you read it. The bulk of the article is about refinishing, but scroll to the end where it says "Good As New" where it mentions a company in Illinois that actually re-fires the tubs and sinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Re-Porcelain-ing

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Here is the link for the company, let us know if you find out some costs!

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Ceramic

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Redbirds, you are fantastic!! Thank you so much -- I will give them a call next week and see what they quote (shipping and all)!

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You might try asking these folks. They re-porcelain antique stoves, which is probably a similar process. They might have some suggestions for you. They're in California.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Gas Stoves

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