Anyone have a cat that smelled like poop?

janie_gaFebruary 19, 2010

Last time I took Ara to the vet for smelling like poop, they checked her out, x-rays and the whole nine yards. The vet said she was fine. She is about 11 years old. Never goes outside. Her litterbox is clean. And she shares it with the boys and they don't smell like poop.

Eric and I have decided it will be easier to bath her at the house than it would be to take her to the vet for a bath. Might try that tomorrow if the weather is "warm" or at least isn't snowing.

Any suggestions or anyone had a similar problem? I know some dogs have to have glands squeezed... do cats have those?????

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You can buy a package of kitty Wipes in the pet section of most stores. They are like baby wipes. I cut the fur back on my old cats behinds and tail and top of the legs then it is easy to wipe her down and toosss the wipe into the grbage. saves the trauma of a bath espeially if she hasn't had one in a long time

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I wouldn't try to bathe a cat.

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I think ALL cats smell like poop - lol!

I can tell the instant I walk into a cat lovers house, no matter how good the litter box is.

It doesn't bother me - I like cats, but I have a sensitive sniffer :)

Hope the wipes work - that sounds a lot easier than washing a cat!!

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I think her last bath was over the summer. I have some baby wipes, wonder if they would help. It is still so cold in WV that I would prefer to wait until summer if possible. There is a pet groomer in Clarksburg, I wonder if they do cats and can dry them before they go back int he cold.... will have to look into that but then that would be as bad as the vet's office trip--- sanity wise.

Minnie how do you get your cats to be still to trim their fur. I have to practically sit on her to get her nails (and Stewie is IMPOSSIBLE!).

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I hold her firmly in/under my left arm I also trim her front nails that way too I take aalittle toenail clipper the kind tht folds up and slide it under the hook of the nail until I get to the curve and it stops then I clip. sometimes takes two or three tries, I got a cheap battery operated fur trimmer at Walmart in the pet dept and I just pull it along. Now this is after I have taken some scissors and clipped the big stuff.

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FlamingO in AR

It's not that hard to bathe a cat, usually if you'll put a few drops of shampoo into a bucket of warm water and put the cat in, letting it hold onto the side (close the door to the bathroom in case of escapes) you can work the soapy water into her fur and then put her in a clean bucket to rinse. They really like to hold on to the sides of the bucket, they have some control that way.

None of our cats smell like poop but Sammie has always had an odd odor about him, It's his breath but he's had it since kitten-hood and it's not from worms or anything you'd expect. It's just him and only when he's up real close.

And yes, cats DO have anal glands. One of our cats was able to have hers expressed simply by me pushing my hand up under her tail area, below the anus, as if I was going to scoop her up by the chest and tail area- all kinds of fluid would come out when I did that and sometimes it was almost clear and other times it was icky and gritty.

Tell Stewie to be a good boy when it's manicure/pedicure time! I'm shocked that he's being bad!

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I think your vet should have expressed her anal glands. Often times when they get full, they will leak and yes, it smells like poop. Sometimes they get infected too.

If you know that's not the problem then do as someone suggested and have them shave the butt area so that stuff doesn't stick to the fur.

Here is a link that might be useful: Impacted Anal Glands

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Our boys have been bathed, they don't love it but they tolerate it.

Do you know the clothes pin trick? Use the springy clothes pin, gather the skin at the scruff of the neck put a clothes pin or two boys usually go completely limp. It's how mom carried them as babies....

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My older cat has only been bathed once and she will be 18 in May. My younger cat who will be 3 in June has only been bathed once as well.... I thought I killed him cause I gave him a hot bath when he was tiny and he went limp and lifeless on me afterwards. Scared the beejeebers outta me!! He is a 'normal cat' now thankfully... I love him so much!

I hope you find a solution for the smell. I don't think that is normal. Maybe it is the anal glands??

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I was going to suggest the same thing as Tally. I had a dog years ago that had that problem and that's exactly how it smells....most unpleasant!

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I have never bathed a cat, that sounds like suicide.

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I would not use hot water, but my sister or I used to bathe our cat in the tub with the bathroom door shut. Just an inch or two of water in the tub. Shampoo. Rinse. Rub dry in a fluffy towel. Do NOT let the cat get cold. We used the hose to an old fashioned bonnet hair dryer to help dry her a little too.

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One of my two cats does not clean herself well under the tail; the other one does. My vet said that's just how some are. She does smell at times, so I wipe her. I also agree about the anal glands--I suspect this is the problem. I doubt that the poop smell is all over her fur, so I don't really see a need to bathe the cat. At least you might start by checking the glands and wiping its rear end daily.

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My dog sends you this, purely in fun, I hope and pray no one takes offense.

1.Thoroughly clean the toilet.
2.Add the required amount of shampoo to the toilet water and have both lids lifted.
3.Obtain the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
4.In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids (you may need to stand on the lid so that he cannot escape). CAUTION: Do not get any part of your body too close to the edge, as his paws will be reaching out for anything they can find. The cat will self-agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from your toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
5.Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power wash and rinse" which I found to be quite effective.
6.Have someone open the door to the outside and ensure that there are no people between the toilet and the outside door.
7.Stand behind the toilet as far as you can and quickly lift both lids.
8.The now-clean cat will rocket out of the toilet and run outside where he will dry himself.
The Dog

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Where is the smell? It could just be an issue with old fur, mats or the like and a regular brushing can make a difference. That helped a lot with my one cat. He never smelled strong but there was sort of an "outdoor" smell, not totally unlike outdoor dogs. My other cat is so clean, she has a very fresh smell. But I'd comb and brush Sunny and it made a big difference.

Or could it be flatulence? Maybe an upset stomach from food or water, or other causes?

Be careful of any wipes, soaps or otherwise, since they'll be licking and ingesting this stuff and that can bring on other problems, even poison them if you're not careful.

Been decades since I bathed a cat. There's seldom a need for it. Sometimes a little combing and brushing helps motivate them to pick up on their grooming.

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I gave the squeezing of her glands a try last night and nothing came out. She promptly went under the spare bed, knowing it is impossible for either of us to get under there. Next thing will be to call the vet or the groomer in town to see if they can try (who knows if I was doing it right, I followed the diagram I found but....).

Elmo LOVES to bath both Ara and Stewie so their heads smell like "Elmo breath". Ara and Elmo get brushed frequently, Stewie HATES the brush. Ara would let me brush her until she was completely bald!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will keep you posted.

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My cat smelled bad for the last 2 years of her lIfe. I took her to the vet, who did blood tests and found my poor kitty had multiple organ failure-liber, kidney, and thyroid. She was given some pills and got better, but only for a short time. Pretty soon she was looking scraggily, refused to groom herself, and got terribly thin, and smelled like Poop. we kept her alive with lots of affection, Fancy Feast food, and determination. We finally let her go to Rainbow Brodge last July.

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When one of our cats was getting to her last days she stopped grooming herself. Whew! She was stinky! I used baby wipes on her, the variety that is unscented, no lotions added, no alcohol... pure and gentle kind of thing. It heled a lot, both the smell and the texture of her fur. And, she LOVED it! I would use 3-4 at a time a couple times a day. The loose fur stuck to them, they would be a mess with hair and dander. It made me and the cat happier. She would just lie on the floor and purr like crazy the whole time I wiped her down, she was in heaven. I don't think she would have responded the same way to being soaking wet in a bath!

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I've only bathed a cat once, let's just say we don't really want to bathe that girl again- though she is much older now so it might not be as bad...

I'm trying to get in to the habit of giving all the critters a weekly grooming touch-up. Everybody gets brushed (like it or not) then I fill the sink with water and just a couple drops of soap or pet shampoo and give 'em a good once over with the wet washcloth and a dry towel. It helps remove any dandruff I stirred up with the brushing and keeps everybody looking nicer. The dogs get their teeth brushed and nails checked/clipped. Depending how dry everything seems to be, sometimes they all get a spritz with a static-reducing grooming spray so I don't shock the cat with every touch.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

sjarz.....FUNNY, lol!

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I bathe wild possums...bathing a cat is no biggy.

Sometimes old cats will have gum disease which will also cause them to smell, but since you took her to the vet, I am sure he checked that out.

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