What is the most heinous thing that you've found....

smom40October 9, 2005

...in a kid's room?

Today, putting away my daughter's teeny tiny STUFF and discovered...

A drawer near her bathroom sink that is SUPPOSED to have things in it like headbands. Instead, there was a leaking ziplock bag of POTTING SOIL, a leaking container of toothpaste, a smattering of tiny pieces of hard candy, garnished with old candy wrappers.


She was SAVING it for planting. She is 8 years old.

New bizarre house rule. Potting soil lives in the garage and is only used upon adult supervision and is never in a bedroom and never IN A DRAWER.

What's the worst thing that you've ever found?

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Uh, you mean like MOLD growing on my son's hunting coveralls? He had dropped them in the corner wet and they began growing...Ugh! He's 37 now, but the memories (and probably the smell!) still linger! LOL

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LOL! Yeah, like THAT!


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Tree branches under DS's bed? I didn't even ask WHY, I just made it disappear.

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ROTTING pasta in a busted ziplock bag inside my son's fencing bag.... dang I still gag thinking about that!!!


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A dry, flat, black banana peel. It might as well have been a dead squirrel, I was so disgusted when I found it. I didn't even check to see if there was a dry, flat banana inside. This was under someone's bed. Geeze Louise! They aren't supposed to eat unless they're in the kitchen!

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Not for the faint of heart but this happened to me when I was a teenager...

I came across a jar in my younger brother's bedroom - it was filled with some type of furry brown liquid. Turns out that my brother (who had dreams of becoming a scientist) decided to preserve his hamster when it died. So he inserted the body into a mason jar filled with water.

Mother made him bury the poor thing but it was a long time before I would even enter his bedroom again.

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A bag of orange segments which had rotted and started to ferment. I kept asking my oldest if he was using paint or something up there and he kept denying it. I thought we would never find the source of the smell. Ugh!


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Now that you mention smells, DS's room did once have a very strong musty odor coming from it. Assuming it was a long-lost wet towel or something, we tore his room apart. Nothing. The smell continued on and off (the "on and off" part confused us, too). Know what it was? His new leather belt! Instead of having the typical leather smell, it smelled musty-moldy.

We tossed it and bought him a new one from a different store.

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OH - I didn't expect this was going to be about the "kids" - but maybe about "us" .... my kids are normal, I am not! Recently - a terrible TERRIBLE smell in back of my pickup reveals a Rubbermaid container filled w/ cooked chicken (months old), not finished on some outing!!!!!!! I grew up this way and would secret snacks up to my 2nd story bedroom - could eat whilst reading by flashlight under the blanket. (My parents room was directly under mine) - but what to do w/ the orange and banana peels???? Uh - what about the space between the mattress and box springs? Then there was the time as an adult - clam digging - stuff some clams in pocket of jacket - forget they are there - store jacket in the attic......yes, I am not normal. You tell me which is the most heinous. Maybe it is mine own person that is most heinous. Arrgghh!


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I think I vote for the forgotten clams! LOL :D

I've got one that was 'me'. When I was single, I would sometimes go to my mother's and do my laundry while we visited. I was working as a nurse, PM shift, so unless it was my day off, I wasn't doing any sort of housekeeping.

I went home that night and didn't put my laundry away. Several baskets of folded laundry, stacked in my bedroom.

Mom liked to 'share' things with me. If she bought extra at a store, got a deal, she would sometimes gift me with it.

She gifted me that night. A large ziploc bag of GRAPES that she shoved down the side of one of those baskets. Unfortunately, she didn't tell me about it.

I lived in a cement apartment building on the second floor. Shaped in a U, three sides of a interior courtyard of concrete, the fourth side faced a FREEWAY. No greenery anywhere.

So how did the ANTS find my grapes? @@

I awoke one morning to discover a thick trail of ants up the side of the building, over my carpet to that basket...where I discovered the inflated bag of rotting grapes.

That's what I get for not putting away my laundry!

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eleven years old having dinner with my girlfriend on her patio. Her mother told her she HAD to eat the brussel sprouts. It was fall, she had on a white vinyl jacket (1963). Months later her mom wore that jacket and could not figure out what black dried up "stuff" was in her pocket!

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When my DS was in Jr High, I was asked to come up to the school to "witness" the principal searching my son's locker. It had been noticed that when you passed his locker, there was a horrid smell. So they wanted to search it and needed a witness. (I think they thought there was a dead animal in there) I went there and when they opened the locker, we almost fell over. It turned out to be an Easter egg that had been hidden in his backpack at home, everyone missed finding it, and he took the backpack back to school. He said that he noticed how bad his locker smelled, and quit opening it. He was "borrowing" books to do his school work and it was working just fine for him. When we took the backpack out of the locker and opened it up, we couldn't figure out what it was. (still thinking dead animal) But we emptied it on the grass and I recognized the bright yellow egg shell. We just scooped everything up (including books, papers and backpack) and dumped it into the trash. They were so relieved that it wasn't a dead animal that they didn't charge us for replacing the books.

Another heinous thing that I have found is this: One night Corey and Logan (my 8 & 10yr old GS's) were spending the night. They wouldn't settle down so I was sitting in the recliner in the LR until they fell asleep. They finally settled down and I guess I fell asleep. I awoke to them checking to see if I was asleep. I faked it and watched them. Logan (the older one) was showing Corey something on the wall in the corner by the TV. I got up and asked them what they were doing. Corey piped up and said "Logan is just showing me his "bugger" wall. For who knows how long, Logan had been wiping buggers on that spot where the bookcase met the wall. It was disgusting. I made him scrape and vacume it up right then and there. Boys will be boys I guess!

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An Easter egg??

Did you ever ask WHY?

But a 'bugger wall'? OMG! BOYS!

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This is probably the most heinous "get even" act .......a woman who was being ejected from the home and life of her honey left her calling card .......... she stitched raw shrimp into the hems of the drapes. It takes a while to connect the dots on that smell, from all reports.

Another one I heard at a workshop on relationships was the rejected/ejected gal who filled Mr. Gorgeous Hair's shampoo bottle w/ Nair.

Bugger wall???????? LOL........I had a baby that used the wall next to his crib to finger paint w/ diaper treasures - but no bugger walls!


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Rotten sippy cups are the worst we've found here so far.

The booger wall reminds me of a girl who I went to 3rd grade with. She used to pick her nose and draw pictures of horses on the walls with them.

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Oh my gosh... I TOTALLY forgot that when my sister and i were quite young mom used to let us eat out by the tv... if we hated the food we would take and shove it down the tubular legs of the brass coffee and side tables and then put the little mteal caps back on!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!.. i will have to call ans ask my dad if he ever knew!


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Ok this is heinous because it shows I'M SUCH A BAD MOM!!!!

The coat closet is where her favorite toy will be placed when she is misbehaving for a one-day timeout.

Apparently I had put her twin baby dolls, Peanut Butter and Jelly up there one time when she was being grounded - when? I have no idea.

I do recall her asking recently where they were, and we searched high and low like crazy, and could not find them.

So as I posted on the other thread, before I headed to Goodwill last weekend, I also decluttered the coat closet. I am cleaning out the closet Saturday, and behind a bunch of clutter, there they were!! Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!

I cannot believe I would be so horrible as to FORGET to get her toys out of timeout!!!

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My husband likes to grocery shop. One hot summer day, he came home with several bags of groceries, which we unloaded and put away. The next day, he asked "where did you put the shrimp?" What shrimp? Oh,no, it was in the car overnight! PU

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I'm with AdellaBedella, in years past we've found sippy cups in all sorts of disgusting states, including one with little fuzzy mold islands floating in rancid apple juice. YUCK!

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Jannie, many years ago I went out on a date. At the end of it, we got really fabulous nachos. Guy wants to take home the leftovers.

The next evening he's calling me, sicker than a dog. He forgot to bring them in the house. They stayed in his car all night. He decided to have them for LUNCH. **eek**

So it's one thing to forget something in your car. Quite another to EAT IT when you find it! ACKKK!

I've forgotten food from time to time in a car, but I'll betcha that shrimp is probably the worst!

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When I was in high school, I was a total pig. I noticed my room smelled a little "mustier" than usual. It stayed that way for a while and then got better and I didn't think about it after that. A couple of years later when I got married and moved out, we found a kitten's body under my bed!!! Apparently the cat had gotten pregnant and miscarried under my bed, without our knowing it. UGH! No dead cats under my bed these days. :))

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Crimsicle's dead cat story has to be THE worst. EEWWWWWWW!

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Okay, now I feel like I need to go check out my kids' bedrooms! The worst I've found so far is overflowing trash and dirty clothes shoved under furniture. Time for another check!


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Crimsicle, you did it. You have officially won the 'gross post award'...

And have renewed my commitment to never ever let anything grow under my kid's bed except slippers!!

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What a funny thread!

""It might as well have been a dead squirrel""

That is EXACTLY what I found. My dog must have found it/killed it... whereever she got it from, she found it bury-worthy, and that is just what she did... right in the cushions of my sofa. We found the smell before we found the actual squirrel.. BLEH!

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OMG, these stories are GREAT!!! I am laughing so hard that I have to keep telling my husband about what gross thing was found next!

I have to agree with the other posters about the whole sippy-cup thing. Not much compares to the smell of really old milk found in a sippy cup. I can't even remember the number of cups I just threw out rather than face the stink and impossiblity of cleaning the spouts out!!

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My MIL told me one time a packaged steak slipped out of her grocery bag and started rotting under the car seat. Apparently her sense of smell is not too keen, she offered a ride to a neighbor, who, after riding a few blocks, made my MIL pull over, she jumped out of the car and called someone to come pick her up. Now this steak was rotting for a couple of weeks in the California heat. Yuck!

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I am not sure this even counts but....what the heck.. we went away on vaction and the neighboor was sppse to be feeding our cat but she totally spaced out and forgot. Well the cat had a way in and out of the house via a kitty door in the basment.. so it seems she decided to go *shopping* for her self and then show us how she felt about us being gone and in her eyes not leaving anyone to feed her! Well we get home ( summer) and the air had been off.. we open the front door and get kocked backwards by the smell... there are small dead animals ALL OVER my house. Snakes, birds, mice, moles, rabbits.. all in various states of decay.. they cat had taken them and put one on each seating surface in the house... GAWD it was awful. Needless to say we put in the cat at the vet any time after that!!!


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OK, I was wrong. Maddiemom, you win with MULTIPLE dead animals in the house....

P.S. I'm allergic to cats, but if I had intended to get one, you all just talked me out of it! LOL

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without a doubt....the 3 months worth of brown bagged lunches that i packed every morning for my (then) 8th grader, not knowing he was stashing them in the back of his closet because it's "uncool" to bring a sack lunch to school! ever since then, i have sent a check into school every week so he can purchase his lunches! and as for how he was able to hide away that many lunches in his closet and for that long...i dont know!!! his room had the normal 14 year old boy funky odor, and i tried to go in as little as possible. after the "closet incident" i have since made it a point to do a "sweep" of his room every week, closet, drawers, under bed, behind furniture.

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When my son was about 7 they made Thanksgiving turkeys out of potatoes, with toothpicks for legs etc, in Beaver Scouts. It decorated the table for Thanksgiving Day and then it disappeared. I never thought anymore about it. Fast forward to mid-winter...every time I went into his room there was this horrid smell yet I couldnt find anything...until one day I went to clean out his chest of drawers cause they were all in a jumble. As I opened the last drawer, which held his seldom used summer clothes (remember this is mid-winter)the smell which had been lurking in the background became overwhelming ..lo and behold..as I was taking out the clothes I also encountered a slimey mass with a couple of toothpicks...not a pleasant experience..but at least I knew where the smell was coming from...lol He had wanted to keep it for next thanksgiving and said he put it there so he would remember where it was...lol

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I always hated it when they did "art" projects with food. Now I feel justified! That must have been awful.

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Okay, dead animals win.

And we've got some formidable runners-up! *eyes watering*

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Hey, I get to play again! Remember me and the Room of the month challenge?
Now, the most heinous thing I ever found was a dry moldy green sandwich in a baggy in DD's toy refrigerator. Wonder how long it was there to first go moldy, then dry up.

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Well I will have to admit that I did this myself as a youngster. We didn't have plastic Easter eggs when I was growing up, we used real eggs dyed. Well needless to say I don't like hard boiled eggs but the colors were sooo pretty that I decided to keep them in my closet. Mom found those eggs several months later. EWWW!!

Jump several years later.....

I found a ziploc baggie of fresh cherries in my son's carseat after it had been in there for several weeks in the summer heat. Kept smelling something in the truck. They were slimmy and watery and needless to say gross smelling.

Guess I got back what I have my mom during my growing up years.

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I don't usually ride in my husband's car, but we were going canoeing, and the canoe fits better on his roof, so we took his car. The smell inside the car was horrible....it made me gag, and I had to open all the windows and the top (it's one of those Geo Trackers with a vinyl top and back you can take off like a Jeep). I INSISTED that if he was going to be driving our daughter in that car, he HAD to clean it out. He found a 3 lb package of ground beef (uncooked) that was 4 months old. This was in the summer. He had bought it at the grocery store as part of his "high-protein" diet. Disgusting.

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When we first moved into our repo house it was filthy. One of the kid's rooms was filled with boogers on the wall, so I can definitely relate. We called it "wall texture!" LOL! In fact, there were so many we nicknamed the previous owners the "Noses". But we have created our own share of gross things . . . orange juice forgotten over the summer in one sons backpack, unidentifiable furry things in the refrigerator, etc. And, for those of you that remember me from a few years back . . . mice . . . or remains of . . . in numerous appliances at our old house. So far no mice in this one.


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Okay, I have a pretty good one.

When my DH and I were dating he brought home a pig's head from a pig roast for my dog. He thought the dog would like to eat the pig's ears or whatever. I was totally disgusted with the idea and wouldn't let the dog touch it. I told him to get rid of the head. Fast forward a few months. My roomate and I kept smelling the most disgusting smell, but could not figure out what it was. We checked the cat litter, the fridge everything... except this one closet that we didn't use. One day I'm attempting to follow the smell and checked the closet. There it was in a clear plastic bag, the rotting, moldy pig head. Can you believe I eventually married this guy? He hasn't brought home a dead animal head since.

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