Brand new huge walk in closet!! Help me organize it

randi66October 23, 2007


We've added a large 576 sq ft addition on to our house. This will become our bedroom. We have a huge walk in closet in the room too. They're still working on it, but I need to make a decision regarding racks and shelves and what not. What would you put in here to maximize the space and most importantly be organized.


View from the room.

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ok, made a mistake with the last pic

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Well -- check out The container Store -- and their Elfa collection OR check out California Closet for ideas too!

Next -- make lists:

How do hang or fold your shirts?
How do you hang trousers or pants (double or hanging straight?)
How many sweaters do you have?
Will this closet handle ALL seasons -- or do you have storage out-of-place for out-of-season wearables?
What furniture will you have in the bedroom? (dressers, armoire? a vanity for your jewelery?)
What about lighting in the closet?
What about having a full-length mirror (and a light?)
Do you sit or stand to put on shoes?
How many pairs of shoes do you have for each season --- and how do you really like them to be stored???
What about coats and outerwear???
How do store undies?
Do you want to be able to dress inside the closet -- or outside in the bedroom OR in the bathroom??

Just a few things to answer that you really help you determine what kinds of infrastructure (Talley Sue's term for shelving, baskets, hanging space etc.)

Hope this helps!!!

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wow, that's great! and huge.

my vote would be to fill the long wall with one of those component-style systems. Like Elfa, but maybe one that uses "bookshelf sides" to support the shelves, instead of brackets underneath.

EasyClosets has that style

Against the back wall (the wall w/ the doors), you could hang stuff flat--belts, hats, jewelry, ties, things like that, that are nice to have out where they're visible. Or shoes, maybe, in bolted-to-the-wall canvas shoe pockets?

My vote as well: put a drop-down or fold-out ironing board and iron in there, for quick touch-ups of the clothes you're going to wear today/tomorrow. That could go on the opposite wall, too perhaps--I'm not sure how deep a set of cabinets you'd need for one that would go in the "wall unit" type shelving.

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