Change routines? Clean on Friday night?

Frankie_in_zone_7October 4, 2011

I've been experimenting with re-"organizing" how I use my time for organizing/decluttering/cleaning to see how patterns or habits or changing them can help meet my goals.

Recently I made plans to have a friend over for a visit on Saturday. I tried to use some of the weeknights to clean up and get ready, but didn't do too well, until Friday I was able to get home a bit early so had late afternoon and evening, and I did a modest blitz clear and clean of the main areas we would be using, plus a bit more on Saturday morning.

Usually Friday nights are "collapse" nights for both DH and myself. Sometimes we don't get home 'til after 7. Movie and pizza and no plans usually works best. (I have a work schedule that requires weekend work throughout the year as well, so that contributes to minimal Friday night plans.)

However, some weeks are not so hectic. That was the case this other week, and I did not have work on Saturday. So even though I spent my Friday evening straightening and cleaning, I felt I was on my own time, knew if I went to bed tired I could sleep in (a bit) and knew I had the rest of the weekend.

It felt so good to enjoy the relatively nice-looking house Saturday instead of thinking I had to tackle so many things Saturday morning. I did some more cleaning and picking up on Saturday morning but again, it felt less stressful because I had already made considerable progress.

I'm wondering how much of my Friday "collapse" is habit--it's Friday night so I ought not to have to do anything! -- and when it helps vs. not. There would be some Fridays when I might get more "good" out of doing chores from 5- 9 pm and then having more time & energy to do something else on Saturday. Of course, having a goal and deadline (my friend coming over) was an important aspect to get me in gear, but also, in keeping with some of the posts on being "anxious," the deadline can make me more anxious, and I do like to do cleaning without having a sword over my head as well.

When I look at how I and DH spend various nights and weekend days, I see so many "habits" that tend to box me in. I'm interested in re-thinking some of those and mix it up a bit to see if it opens up better energies, different opportunities for what I might do.

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When I was working for 31 years (which ended when I got disabled by kidney failure) I'd wake up at 6 am. Yes, that meant I was in bed by 10 the night before, so I couldn't watch TV shows that came on at ten, nor long movies, nor did I ever watch Johnny Carson. Anyway, when my house needed cleaning, I'd set the alarm an hour early, for 5 am. Then I'd have an extra hour of my own to clean, sort, dust, everything but vacuum. At six I'd take a shower and start my regular work day as usual. And I did enjoy sleeping in on weekends. This schedule may help. Good luck! One more tip- when you are planning on a party or having guests over, invite them for Sunday afternoon or evening. That way, you can spend Saturday shopping for food and cleaning and Sunday decorating (if desired) and doing the cooking. These are strategies that worked for me.

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Of course my hints will only work for someone who works the standard Monday To Friday grind, with Saturday and Sunday off. As I re-read the first post, it looks like you often work weekends. Do you ever get two days off in a row? In my younger years, I worked different jobs and I found I need two days to decompress and relax from work, even if it meant manic house-cleaning. One day off just wasn't restful.

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I love Friday night cleaning! My exDH has the kids every other Friday night. I clean on those Fridays. It sets up the weekend to be so much less stressful.

Even weeks when the kids are home, they have "movie night" with friends. It rotates around to different people's homes. When they are at friends for movie night, I have about 3 hours to clean. When it's their turn to have friends at our house, they are all in the basement all evening so I can clean upstairs.

I used to clean early Saturday morning. It's WONDERFUL to sleep in now!

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This is what I am thinking. Not able to have a fixed weekly schedule, but can take advantage of some times when the "reward" of a free-er Saturday is motivating. With loud music it becomes a not intolerable form of mild exercise.

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haven't been here in a little while and decided to drop in - was intrigued by this post as just yesterday was reading a magazine at my Dr.s office where someone wrote about doing just this and they find it very effective. I always seem exhausted on Fridays and do nothing related to housework - but must face it all on Saturday...I have decided to give this a shot---Frankie - how's it going?????

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Well, it's hard to say because I don't have a regular enough schedule to have made this idea a regular thing. But I'm still open to doing it when I don't have a work or travel conflict. It is kind of related to trying to carve out time for a Sabbath (or 2!) insofar as sometimes I experience time differently if a larger chunk is "free," or that "free time" is even more enjoyable when certain things are done-- even though leading up to it I may want to whine and say I deserve to have time off after work each evening--it's all about choices.

So, I say do both--give it a shot for what could be a refreshing change of pace, but you don't necessarily have to make it what you always do.

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Here's a couple more things to try: When it gets really hectic (like around Christmas) switch to paper plates and cups at home, and consider getting Fast Food on the way home, so you don't have to spend as much time cooking and cleaning up after meals. And, my work friend Claire, who had a husband and son to take care of, forced herself to do some chores during the week. For example, she did all her laundry on Wednesday night. These "hinrs" will free up more time for formal housecleaning. And leave you some free time on weekends.

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I've tried the Friday Night clean up and it didn't work for me. So instead (since I get up really early for the animals every morning) I do a minimum of 30 minutes of cleaning every morning, no floors, since I don't want to wake anyone. I might clean the fridge, clean a bathroom, wash a few windows (weather permitting) dust, etc. Then Saturday morning all I have to do is the floors and I'm done. I do my laundry on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

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