What goes with Bianco Romano

joyce_6333February 2, 2014

I currently have Bianco Romano on the perimeter counters, and Blue Pearl on the island. Although the Blue Pearl is pretty, I don't care for it in my kitchen. DH has no problem with me replacing it. I've been agonizing over this for 2 years, and I'm finally going to do it. So, my questions is...what would complement the Bianco Romano. I think it would be very difficult to find Bianco Romano that would look just like what I have. Stone yards are quite a long drive from us, and each Bianco Romano I've seen is so different. A black granite seems like a logical solution, but I really don't want another dark granite. I would prefer white...or light. DH thinks wood would be a better choice. What do you think? I asked the question on Houzz and didn't get a response. Thanks.

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What about doing a light/white quartz?

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I was going to suggest quartz, too. Do you know why you don't like Blue Pearl? Does it compete with the Bianco Romano? I think that putting two patterned granites together in one kitchen is like coordinating patterned fabrics. It is about scale, picking up the color in one fabric to carry across to other fabrics, and the patterns themselves.

What about choosing a color in quartz that picks up a color in BR that is the best complement with your cabinets? Or go bold and choose a quartz in an accent color in the BR?

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Thanks for heading me in the quartz direction. I was just thinking I should stay with granite, but I like the idea of quartz now that I think more about it....I've had quartz in previous homes, and I find it much easier to care for.

I think the Blue Pearl totally clashes with the BR. I don't have a good eye for "what goes" so maybe it's just me. Seems to me the warm tones of the BR compete with the cool of the BP. Also, the Blue Pearl is polished and is a nightmare to keep looking good. I've put together a little story board of some ideas using quartz. The background is a picture of our current Bianco Romano and I think it's a pretty good representation color wise. I've copied the quartz colors directly from their websites, so hoping it's close to reality. I think I'm down to figuring out if I should go with the grey tones, beige tones, or ??? I've included a pic of the cabinets. They aren't as yellow as the picture shows, more reddish. Hard to get an accurate picture.

Sure hoping I get a consensus. Thanks so much.

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Thanks for the pics, Robot. I looked and looked for pics, and here you come up with several in no time at all. Love the Cinder, but unfortunately it's been discontinued. Will look for something similar, and take another look at wood.

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