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RoxieLOctober 2, 2008

Since I rely so much upon my PDA & computer as an organizing tool (I'm trying to go as paperless as possible), I'm a big proponent of using voice memos when driving or when it's just easier than keying it into my PDA (IE in the sunlight, when my PDA is difficult to read.) I've used the voice memo function on my cell phone for this (but it doesn't hold much time) and I have a voice recorder that I also use. But one tool I've recently fallen in love with is Jott.com - you can use a phone to leave a voice memo for yourself & Jott will translate it to text. You can elect to receive email notifications, too. So when you return home, you can go to Jott.com, sign in & there will be your memo in the text version. The conversion to text is pretty good, but not flawless and in case it converted it incorrectly, you can also click a button & play the actual audio you recorded.

For me, this means, I'm no longer limited to the small amount of space my phone allows and I don't have to tote the audio recorded with me, either. I have the Jott number on speed dial & it only takes a few seconds. There are different levels of service, but I use the free one, which allows you unlimited voice-to-text notes (maximum of 15 seconds per note.)

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Great idea...I'll check it out.

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I used Jott beta for almost a year, but haven't been using it since it went to a paying service. Maybe I'll start trying the free service again.

I used it mostly for reminders and memos to client files, but I also loved being able to send an email or text by cell phone.

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I call my house and leave a message for myself on my answering machine.

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Our family plan includes "unlimited" text messaging. If I am thumbing through a magazine while DS is at his piano lesson, and I see a product or an ad for an upcoming TV show, etc. - or if I am waiting for DD to come out of school and a thought pops into my mind -- or if I am shopping and want to write something down to look up at home -- I simply send a text message to my email address. Then when I am at the computer and read my email, I jot down these text messages/reminders.

I was recently volunteering at school with some other women, and this came up (sort of) and I was surprised that many people are not aware that you can send a text message to your email address (or anyone else's for that matter).

I haven't looked at Jott recently - but will check it out again - thanks!

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We don't have a cell phone, but Jott sure sounds handy!

I keep a pen and some paper in my purse, along with the PDA that I don't use very often. Or else I write on the errand list I already have with me. I transfer the info to the proper place when I get home. For example, I might be listening to the radio, and want to visit a URL that was mentioned. So I jot it down, and put the note on my computer desk later.

Many times, hubby comes home and tells me he didn't do something while at work because he forgot. (It's usually something like a quick personal phone call while another office is still open, or to remember to bring something home from the office, etc.) So I grab the phone and leave a message for him on voice mail, while he's standing right next to me. Otherwise, he'd just keep forgetting. And then I'd hear him complain again when he gets home. Someday, he might actually call himself to leave a reminder, but so far, I have to be the one who thinks to do it.

I think it is all a matter of making new habits, and having a strategy to retain important information, so that it won't get lost in the shuffle of urgent-but-not-important everyday life.

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