Cleaned off our 'art' table

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 14, 2009

in the computer room awhile ago. It's a heavy old wooden store cabinet that the grandkids and I use for painting, crafts, etc. The problem? Now it looks great. The desk chair BY the table? Not so great! LOL It's piled with things that "have to have something done to them before they can be put away". Do you have any of those piles? LOL

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Oh, yes -- of course! If I ignore them, they grow. If I act on those good intentions, it's amazing how fast the clutter disappears.

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Yep. The pile in a tote in the basement went to a pile minus a couple of things to a clear storage container. If only DH would go thru his pictues of whatever when he and his brother took trips it really would help. Trees, buildings, rivers etc. Someplace in the world.
Iwent thru my stuff and tossed a bunch because I cannot even remember where that tree was, or that river etc.

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When my kids were little, ,they called our dining room table "the art table". That's where they did their homework and any crafts they wanted, drawing, coloring, painting, clay, gluing,etc. If I find something that needs a part or a repair, I put it in a basket in my kitchen. I call that "My To-Do Basket."

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Glad to know that, at least around here, I'm "normal"! LOL

Did get the chair cleaned out and all the stuff put away. I'd pat myself on the back for all that I've accomplished today, but I'm too sore!

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Ya ya - you just made me find one advantage to being bereft of craft skills and talents!
My pile tends to be paper filing on my filing cabinet in the office, but often after reading this forum I get motivated to eliminate it. (Which last a week or so!)
My current "get rid of it" project is my closet. I mean, unless you are Simon Cowell, do you really need 4 black tee shirts? How about that suit from '92?

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Hi Ya-Ya; long time no see! ~ Caroline

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