Salsa blanco?

annie1992September 6, 2012

Yes, I know that "salsa blanca" is actually white sauce. But what do you get when you make salsa with white tomatoes?

The Great White finally came through for me, I picked these today. By happy coincidence I also got one perfect red pepper and snagged a couple of jalapenos, a cayenne and a habanero.

This is the white tomato that I got from the 4-H sale, labelled simply "white tomato", LOL. I've been talking to other gardeners and searching the internet and I think it's "Great White". I've been greatly impressed, this is a tomato that's nearly all meat, with very few seeds and they can get huge. This one fills my outstretched hand:

So what could there possibly be to do with these lovely, meaty, flavorful tomatoes? I could make a tomato basil soup, I suppose, or a white tomato sauce, but instead I opted to make salsa. I used the sweet red pepper, white onion, green cilantro, garlic and those big white tomatoes, all from my garden. I didn't want to "muddy" the salsa with cider vinegar, so I used lime juice as my acidifier. This is what I got, 13 pints of white salsa:

It's not as thick as my usualy salsa, because I didn't add the tomato paste for thickening. Instead I cooked some of the white tomatoes down and made a homemade tomato sauce, then added to that base. I haven't tasted yet, the salsa is always better if you let it sit a couple of weeks, but I'm anxious to see how it tastes.

Actually, I was thinking it looked a lot like chicken soup and would make an outstanding April Fool's Day joke!


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I think it would make a lovely gazpacho. I would peel the cucumbers....but the flecks of green pepper and perhaps a little green onion would be lovely.
I made yellow tomato gazpacho once for a bridal luncheon....because the brides colors were blue and gold. Served it with blue corn bread! Looked lovely....tasted wonderful...but most didn't recognize it as gazpacho. Color does strange things to your perception of taste.

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It looks lovely. I want some. :)

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I'd love some of those toms and your salsa looks delish.

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A couple of years ago I made your salsa with zebra tomatoes. Unfortunately I was new to canning so I didn't want to veer off course and used the standard tomato paste and ended up with red salsa:(. But yeah, yours was the look I was going for. I will try next year as I didn't plant any zebras this year.

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That salsa looks great! I bet you could make a good salsa verde with those, also. Those are beautiful tomatoes.


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Sally, I'm already thinking a salsa verde, but I have tomatillos that are weighing down the vines, so those are next. I can just plain beans, tomatoes, strawberry jam, those are "everyday" foods. Then I get to play and try different things.

I wouldn't stray too far off the recipe with salsa, though, it's not reheated, it's eaten from the jar, so the acidity has to stay up there. I can't even "guarantee" this, although the tomato paste adds nothing except tomato pulp so that can easily be left out. The sauce does add a bit of acidity, which I believe should be made up by using lemon juice in lieu of vinegar. The lemon juice is more acidic.

Given the to-do about Chase's dill pickles though, I'm telling you right up front that this version of the recipe is NOT tested, although my ph strips tell me I'm good.


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Looks great! Interested too see how it turns out. That would be a good april fool's joke. Reminds me of the time I stored leftover sweet n' sour sauce in an empty Gatorade container and my husband took a big chug out of it. Wasn't a joke, though- just a bad place to store it, I guess :)

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I'm sorry Annie, but any tomato that is not red,
I can't get a hankerin for. I guess I have led
a sheltered life.

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Looks perfect to me. But the white tomato is looking yellow to me, like the ones I grew. So did I grow a white or a yellow?

And more importantly, did you save any seeds for next year?

Chicken soup salsa!

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lbpod, that's OK, for years I only grew red tomatoes. Then I branched out into Big Rainbow, Cherokee Purple, Aunt Ruby's German Green. A rainbow of colors just looks pretty on a plate. The only kind I don't have much like with are the Brandywine varieties, for some reason.

Peppi, you bet I saved seeds. The only reason I got these was because my Mother saved the seeds from one last year, she said it was the best tomato she'd ever eaten. I grew plants from those seeds for this year, and I'm definitely saving seeds for next year. They are big, sweet, meaty, prolific and delicious. Want some seeds?

My camera throws the color off, they are actually not yellow, they are a creamy off-white ivory color.


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That's okay Annie. This was the first year that I 'strayed'. I grew an heirloom burgundy colored
tomato. They are 'allicious', (no, I did not spell
delicious incorrectly, I allude to my children's
pronounciations, when they were small, whenever I
can). I did, however, save some seed. And maybe
I should be posting this in the 'Gardening Forum',
but, this year is really weird. None of the 'Tommy-Toes',
are bigger than a tennis ball. Anyone else notice this?
Or is this a result of my geographic location?

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lbpod, it must be your location, you can see that those white tomatoes were as big as my hand, and my Mortgage Lifters were about the same size. My Rutgers that I use for planting were about the size they always are, about 10 ounces.


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