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MoccasinSeptember 25, 2010

We have old 1.5" wide oak floors in every room of our house built in 1950. The PO put a dark mahogany stain/finish on all the wood EXCEPT the back bedroom, for whatever reason.

It was the worst job I ever saw. The finish was slopped up on the toe baseboard, and there was hair and dirt embedded in the finish too. We were renting this house originally, and decided to buy it....too tired of moving to do it again.

So what I'm wondering, based on a previous statement above about having to tear them out if they were messed up, WILL WE HAVE TO TEAR THESE OUT? Or can we have them refinished back to a lighter more natural tone like the back bedroom?

Here is a link that might be useful: Anyone refinish old floors lately?

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My brother is to the stage that their house built in the mid century is now ready for new wood floors. They live in the Los Angeles area, and a TV movie was filmed in their house. (They had to move out and were put up free in a hotel with lots of room service.) The house was painted and then all the downstairs was refinished for them to move back in. When the production crew sanded the floors to revarnish them, they noted that they were now sanding down to the nails in the flooring. So they knew that the next floor redo would involve just installing new flooring. They are getting ready to do just that 15 years later.

So if you can sand the floors and not find yourself exposing the nails, then you will be fine. I grew up in a 50 year old house and my dad had the oak floors refinished, and they looked great. Original to the house installed wood floors should last through several sandings.

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