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tuscaroramaidenOctober 21, 2007

Hey y'all!! I just got a laptop after 4 years without a computer so I'm a little out of practice. I've been lurking here for 4 days & decided that I have to do something with my life & y'all have been a huge part of that decision. I'm single, no kids, no DH, just me & my sweet dog Dakota living in the house I bought 4 years ago.

Since moving in I have not gotten this place organized. I used to live in a 600sf apt & everything was perfect (of course, I was new in town I didn't know anyone so all I did was work & go home). Now I've made lots of friends, but my house is such a mess that I won't let anyone see it. I'd love to entertain, but I couldn't seem to get motivated to do anything to make this place better; now it's so out of hand it's overwhelming. I shouldn't complain, a lot of you ladies have kids, husbands, jobs & very good reason for the house to get out of hand, but me?? I have no excuse. I signed up with flylady last night hoping that will help. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to introduce myself.

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I went through the same thing moving from apartment living to a house. Its funny how living in a tiny apartment things stay so neat and orderly, but when getting a larger house there are just so many more empty areas that can get filled with 'stuff' and 'to do' piles. I found Flylady a great help to get me on the right track.

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Yes -- the first step is always that moment when YOU say: "THAT is IT -- this situation will change!!!"

LOL! At least thats when I shake myself out of the dust bunnies' evil clutches -- and get myself going! Flylady will help too!

And there are lots of ideas here too! Just keep us informed of your progress -- thats a great motivator! :)

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Well, there's a saying: "a mess expands to fill all available space"--that's why a house it worse off than an apartment.

Also, if you haven't really focused on it, ANY new home has a "shake down" period in which you have to figure out what sort of INFRASTRUCTURE you need.

(lookout--Talley Sue is starting on "infrastructure" again)

You lived in that apt, and had a little time to focus on it, so I bet you hard storage solutions.

Did they all come w/ you into the new place? If so, are they applicable? Placed in the best room?

They might have worked int he apt., but maybe they're in the wrong place, or the wrong shape, or something now.

Or maybe you got more stuff, since you figured you'd have room for it?

Whichever it is, remember this: you were organized before, w/ that feeling of your home being "in order." That means YOU CAN GET THERE AGAIN, and it'll be easier for you than for many of the rest of us.

Let us know what you plan, and what you achieve, and all that stuff. (remember, you got motivated by hearing about other people's successes; soon it'll be your turn to water the field!)

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Welcome to the forum. You have a great cheering section behind you all the way.

You may find it easiest to get started by picking something 'small' to start. That way, you have an easy success to pat yourself on the back, and not be/get overwhelmed. Take it in small bites. It's much easier to think 'I'm going to wash the dishes' than 'I'm going to clean house". If you need to break it down even further, do it. "I'm going to wash all the silverware, then the cups, then the plates, then the pots and pans.' I think you'll find it isn't nearly so overwhelming. And try to promise yourself that once an area is clean or picked up, it's off limits to dirt and clutter.

Stay with us, girl, you can do it!


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