deteriorating bricks

Carl BernardiSeptember 7, 2010


I had bad mortar and it appeared the water was very slowly pouring out between the bricks of my 100 year old home. I started re-pointing the bricks in this location. As a result the water disappeared but there seams to be a line where the face of the bricks fell off (some were covered with salt). Also below this line the bricks darkened. I also parged the foundation and it looks like I have wet spots. I did this work about three months ago. Any ideas on what is happening.

pictures can be found at by following this link:



Here is a link that might be useful: my bricks

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You need to address the source of the water before trapping it inside the wall and the bricks.

When freezing weather occurs the damage is likely to be even more extensive as the moisture in the bricks freezers and expands.

You might also investigate if you have softer bricks randomly spread through the wall.

Brick firing was not as well controlled as modern bricks, and can result in very soft cores with and without surface hardness.

If the core of the spalled off bricks is very soft you may need to replace them after addressing the source of the water.

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I am not a pro bricklayer (micky) , but something is a amiss.First off that chamfered piece of concrete 5 courses up and then the half bricks. Original hack job.Photo 4 is definitive.Old bricks that were not meant to be exposed. Water struck.

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